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World's Strongest Man Martins Licis Shares His Keys to Building Strength | DietDF thumbnail

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If there’s an underdog memoir in the sport of strongman, it’s about Martins Licis—and he appropriate had his Rocky sequel comeback.

No subject training for the sport since his kids, the 31-year-feeble raised a quantity of eyebrows when he received 2019’s World’s Strongest Man competition. At “appropriate” 6’3″, he used to be going toe to toe with monsters love four-time winner 6’8″ Brian Shaw and the 6’9″ defending champion Hafthor Bjornsson, yet he decisively received by an mammoth eight-point lead, the widest in years.

Then got right here the accidents: nerve damage in his neck, hip and knee anguish, wrist and elbow tendinitis (“I couldn’t even snatch a 200-pound stone”), after which a automobile accident that broken his tailbone and shoulders. Add in a fractured thumb and burst appendix this year, and no-one would like expected him to position at Rogue’s first Strongman Invitational this October—and yet he got right here first, beating the reigning World’s Strongest Man Tom Stoltman and earning a fab $133,351 in some unspecified time in the future of.

We currently caught up with Licis about his training program, restoration, and his thoughts about what his sport needs to continue rising into the lengthy crawl.

This interview has been edited for size and readability.

This comeback is nothing brief of fantastic. How did you put together to form help so decisively while you had been rehabbing accidents?

While I’m improving, I’m training loads. I don’t appropriate sit on a sofa and count on accidents to heal themselves, and I with out a doubt feel love a quantity of oldsters like that ability. I’m evaluating what my deficiencies are and bettering these, bettering ranges of circulate along with I can, and despite the proven truth that I’m circuitously working on my brute strength I’m working on the typical of circulate my body can enact.

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Then when I start lifting heavy again my strength can assemble bigger that worthy extra rapid. It’s nearly love tuning up an instrument I’ve spent that last 18 months tuning my body up in reveal to construct greater.

Something that is repeatedly acknowledged about you is how damn immaculate your originate is. All individuals is conscious of they would perchance well serene fall the bar as quickly as they would possibly be able to’t total a ultimate get, however in observe it’s awfully arduous to prevent so. How stop you put together to like such enormous originate at such heavy weights and high intensity?

I snatch gentle loads. Hundreds of oldsters are inclined to assemble relaxing of me in my movies, love, “Oh, Martins can’t snatch one other competition, look for the draw gentle he’s lifting.” They retain evaluating the weights I stop in my training, however I exhaust a quantity of time appropriate reinforcing the typical of my circulate. I exhaust a quantity of time practising the draw I need my lifts to search round for after which I very slowly start rising the burden with a spotlight on quality. When it’s a couple months out from competition I’ll serene grind my device thru some grotesque reps because I don’t wish to coach my body to shut down when quality is compromised. But most of my training I’m very adamant about making issues look for as crisp as that you just would imagine.

What accessory workout routines stop you tag your self doing the most repeatedly?

Oh, I even like device extra instruments than I stop predominant lifts. Something I’ve been doing loads for my knees is landing squats, you would seek them in Squat College. It’s a truly brief fluctuate single leg squat appropriate to form steadiness and health in the knees, and it helps give a snatch to the quad and patellar tendons in reveal to take dangle of extra load and traipse heavier.

I stop a quantity of hip airplanes to form steadiness in the hip, a single leg hip steadiness drill the build I’m typically balancing on one leg and opening and closing my hips.

Beyond that, a series of instruments I employ to assemble bigger fluctuate of circulate in my shoulders so my scapulae can transfer and adapt to irrespective of circulate I’m doing overhead. When you happen to’re pulling loads, your scapulae can salvage caught and that can lead to shoulder stiffness and that’ll withhold you help from using your stout strength.

We’ve got spoken sooner than about your core training, how you largely mix your core actions with reasonably a couple of workout routines to salvage the most bang to your buck. What are your traipse-to moves in this point in time for a strongman core?

My authorized core circulate so far, and it has been for a couple of years, is hanging leg raises and holds with double arm or single arm. I appropriate withhold with my legs out in an L-seat, or even appropriate stop leg raises or kickers.

One other thing I stop that’s very worthwhile is doing all my training raw. I’ll traipse beltless and I’ll stop tempo work with a dead circulate style. Let’s disclose I’m practising stones with out a belt, I’ll ship the stone your total device up to my chin and withhold it there, and that locations mammoth pressure on the core however moreover is amazingly functional because it straight away trains my stone and my abs in reveal to manage with a stone neat. I stop the identical thing for log, I’ll neat it to the neck then squat and cease with it so I can salvage worn to stabilizing that weight at some stage in the circulate.

If a young buck had a 500-pound deadlift and used to be taking into consideration of stepping correct into a strength sport—CrossFit, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, strongman—what’s your case for picking strongman?

I deem out of your total strength disciplines, strongman is the closing expression of strength because it in truth involves all actions. Strongman is so impolite and numerous that every person reasonably a couple of strength sports activities in a roundabout device radically change instruments for strongman. In strongman you would not like any worn ingredients in strength and skill in expressing strength.

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And it’s not appropriate numbers on a barbell, which is ergonomic to conveniently slot in the hands. Strongman repeatedly needs you to take dangle of rocks or pulling issues or flipping issues. You are in truth seeking to take dangle of issues which would possibly perchance perchance well be not convenient or ergonomic, so your strength must be adaptive to irrespective of object you’re lifting, and no reasonably a couple of strength sports activities stop that—they’re very insist to the lifts incorporated in the sport and don’t transcend that.

In strongman that you just can perchance well serene be ready to take dangle of irrespective of’s in entrance of you; I’d traipse as far to explain it’s the most attention-grabbing just strength sport.

OK, you would like convinced me. What is the first share of advice you give to guys who wish to take dangle of in the sport?

Learn the motions; don’t crawl lifting heavy. Heavy comes down the motorway.

I learned this from legendary powerlifting coach Tom DeLong, who handed away currently, he set it into phrases what I’ve been doing for years: learn the circulate and your total mechanics of it, learn to prevent it precisely and smartly, learn the build your deficiencies and tightness will possible be, after which adjust the circulate. Take dangle of slowly and with out problems, guaranteeing there’s no gaps in your strength.

Learn, adjust, and explode. There couldn’t be a much less complicated or extra vibrant ability to lifting smartly.

Let’s disclose you’re doing a squat and midway up your knees collapse—adjust it so each attitude of it feels sturdy and appears to be like to be appropriate so there’s no point the build your originate collapses.

Then load and explode the circulate. Whilst you would like got adjust and also you’re confident in each attitude of the circulate, start together with weight and begin provocative faster and faster to enact explosive vitality and circulate.

To summarize: learn, adjust, and explode. There couldn’t be a much less complicated or extra vibrant ability to lifting smartly.

Your self belief in your abilities has constantly stood out to me. What does your mental training look for love? Attain you stop visualizations, meditate, stop you would like got a life coach?

I surely meditate loads. I’m seeing a sports activities psychology consultant as smartly, Joar Svensson, that helps me build it up tune in my visualizations, he’s helped me loads.

But I indicate I’ve been doing this since I used to be a puny one: meditating, visualizing, and coming up with a warfare conception. Hundreds of rivals appropriate educate strength typically then jump correct into a contest, I love to construct the competitions I wish to take dangle of.

Despite the proven truth that I’m doing a couple of competitions in a year I can most attention-grabbing point of curiosity on two or three competitions the build I’m obsessing over the event, breaking them down, and discovering ways to take dangle of these occasions. So I give myself targets to hit in training that I do know would possibly perchance perchance well both snatch the event or position me in the tip, and I are trying to haven’t any holes in the competition.

Each and each single event I’d serene be appropriate at. I’ll educate the event I’m weakest in.

I with out a doubt feel love for you, having your supportive group of (coach and aged strongman) Uncommon Haugen and (manager and most attention-grabbing friend) Romark Weiss is a core of your training as smartly. Your group absolutely appears to be like extra emphasised in your social media and YouTube movies than a quantity of reasonably a couple of athletes.

I fully imagine my group has made an mammoth affect. After I salvage competition prepared I salvage correct into a tunnel, and I’m not with out a doubt appropriate at handling life stuff. My group has helps me build fed and private in the holes the build my point of curiosity doesn’t naturally traipse.

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Then I salvage just give a snatch to, they help me situation up weights and situation my training so I can traipse from event to event with out absorbing relating to the setup or not easy myself with it. I moreover traipse to San Pedro bodily treatment and seek Squat College’s Aaron Horschig—they help me discover the build I’m provocative smartly and the build I can employ improvements.

On that drawl, I deem you would like acknowledged your closest friend in the sport is Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson. What’s a worthwhile training lesson you would like learned from the person?

I in truth learned the one-circulate stone lifting from Thor. I didn’t in truth learn it from him straight away, however I watched your total movies of how he one-motioned stones: how he rolls them and the timing for when his hips push thru and lengthen, and I began mimicking that.

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I give him the credit, I’ve never suggested him this however I give him credit for my efficient stone one-circulate, the build you stop not lap the stone you appropriate roll it into your chest and snatch it appropriate over the platform

You would possibly perchance like m oreover acknowledged your closing procedure is to take dangle of World’s Strongest Man, the Arnold Strongman Classic, and World’s Last Strongman in Dubai. Are you continue to vibrant confident in that conception?

Proper now my sights are situation for the 2022 Arnold Classic and World’s Strongest Man competitions. I’d love to take dangle of World’s Last Strongman as smartly, it appropriate relies on the build my body’s at after Arnold and World’s. These two I wish to take dangle of the most appropriate now.

Most of your rivals are critically taller than you. How would you disclose your training differs from the larger guys?

Hundreds of the larger guys set all their emphasis on brute strength, and I are trying to form fluctuate of circulate and steadiness in reveal that device I can salvage into unfortunate positions they would possibly be able to’t. On myth of they’re stiffer or bigger it takes them that worthy extra vitality to total all these motions.

I’ll straight away educate the fragment of the snatch that’s the most complex. Shall we embrace, the stone build. I’ll exhaust a quantity of time appropriate selecting stones, not even lapping them or lifting them, appropriate lifting them off the ground and keeping them. This device my wrists, forearms, shoulders, and pecs, salvage worn to that pressure of the stone build in reveal that thru contest time, I don’t shuffle or hesitate to salvage them off the ground and I don’t chase a bicep. I’ve considered a quantity of biceps salvage torn lifting stones off the ground, however I imagine this implies to spending further time working on the most complex portions of the circulate helped me snatch these occasions.

Let’s talk about nutrition What are your staple meals now?

I’m ingesting a quantity of fruits appropriate now. A conventional meal would possibly perchance perchance well be carne asada, spinach, and some fruit for carbs. I moreover eat a quantity of potatoes, and a quantity of eggs in the morning.

Are there any micronutrients that you just can perchance well be notably mindful of? I do know strongmen are inclined to chat loads about sodium and potassium.

Yes. In particular when training will get heavy or I salvage sizzling and begin sweating, I wish to salvage an abundant amount of potassium and electrolytes in. I’ll oftentimes even eat straight up mustard in my training appropriate to salvage the electrolytes I need. I’ve moreover been known to eat six to eight bananas for the length of coaching, I chanced on that to be very efficient, and currently I’ve been ingesting a quantity of spinach for potassium as smartly.

What’s one truth about you that surprises individuals?

I deem if individuals ever seek my art work they’d be surprised. I in truth like a semi-secret painting hobby. As soon as quickly I’ll dive in and binge on a painting or two and I fetch it therapeutic. Sooner than a contest I can’t win to search round for at a painting because my mind is in chaos war mode, however when I’m far off from competition I love to salvage fascinating with that aspect of myself.

You continue to withhold the 565 pound world memoir for the Steinborn Squat, and also you’re an worldwide champion at Mas wrestling, both very impressive and vibrant obscure records. Are there any reasonably a couple of unorthodox challenges you would love to dominate?

I’ve wished the crooked press, however my shoulders like gotten stiffer with age. I worn to like enormous fluctuate of circulate in my shoulders however since getting hit by the auto and tearing my left lat and appropriate pec, it’s been critically extra complicated than it worn to be to salvage the fluctuate of circulate in my shoulders, so I don’t know if I’ll be ready to salvage the crooked press world memoir.

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But at this point I’d love to interrupt the Steinborn world memoir one overtime and snatch some extra strongman shows, then I’ll be very grunt. And as a non-public hiss—I can’t be too confident in this onethe log press world memoir would possibly perchance perchance well be a dream. If issues traipse with out a doubt smartly I’ll be gunning for that.

Are there any feats commence air of strongman that you just would love to form some day? A four-minute mile, shredding to single digit body stout, something love that?

Outdoor of strongman I’d love to salvage into MMA. It’s not a arduous procedure appropriate now, it’s appropriate something I’m teasing in my mind, however when I’m achieved with strongman I’d love to prevent something that’s extra cardiovascular and something I would possibly perchance perchance well stop greater in if I lost weight. I don’t wish to be this heavy for too worthy longer, appropriate to construct up my health I‘ll wish to transfer down in weight and stop something slightly extra athletic and cardiovascular.

You’re moreover stepping into acting, appropriate?

I’m loving acting, I’m most attention-grabbing doing commercials however I even like some possible movie supplies. I used to be speculated to prevent them this summer however Covid and some strikes pushed them help. But in 2022, I’m crossing my fingers that the entirety goes smartly, I’ll be in a Netflix Western movie.

What’s else is next for you, commence air of competing?

I’m constructing up my gymnasium, Ruin-It Gymnasium, and the app, Ruin-It Energy. What we’re offering now is my very private training program, whenever you to the app you would personally practice my training and it’s updated every week with the workout routines I stop to salvage myself wholesome and prepared for contest. Very quickly we’re working on prepackaged programming so individuals don’t wish to practice exactly what I’m doing, they would possibly be able to prevent a much less complicated version or a barbell version or extra introductory strongman workout routines. We’re going to be together with reasonably a couple of coaches as smartly.

Strongman Corporation moreover appropriate currently obtained equipped out and they also’re going to be up to some with out a doubt cold issues that I’ll be a allotment of, competitions that’ll alternate the draw strongman is achieved so we are in a position to salvage extra viewers and greater prize money for the athletes.

What are you planning to alternate about strongman?

Each and each competition needs to be livestreamed—and livestreamed smartly. There needs to be a conventional for the draw the sport is portrayed so we salvage quality viewing at any time when.

In person, we need it to be extra spectator friendly as smartly, to discontinue having competitions in parking heaps and set them on in arenas, to market them greater. I snatch into myth competing at The US’s Strongest Man, to illustrate, and the locals had no thought it used to be going on, plus it used to be taking place in a convention center with no that you just would imagine seating to confirm out the contest. So there are all these alternatives to assemble it extra approachable which would possibly perchance perchance well be consistently getting omitted. That’s my mountainous procedure appropriate now: to develop the sport and assemble it extra engaging and accessible to search round for.

Reduce English is a freelance journalist who covers health at Males’s Successfully being and vogue at Stridewise.

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