Weight Loss Apps, Mental Health Apps And Peer-To–Peer Support

Weight Loss Apps, Mental Health Apps And Peer-To–Peer Support
Weight Loss Apps, Mental Health Apps And Peer-To–Peer Support - Source : aarp net

There are many apps or platforms for people to staying fit and healthy nowadays. With the advent of technology, the world of physical fitness has also become intertwined with various digital strategies. Obesity is one of the biggest health problems throughout the world. Some causes of obesity are mental.

Hence the growing of weight loss apps (Nexercise, Noom Weight, Diet Pro, MyFitnesspal…) It’s fun to test them; there are plenty of testimonials that these apps work and produce results. Not everybody can achieve fitness with these apps though, especially those people with mental blocks.

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Yeah, fitness has long gone digital. From the range of treadmills to electronic bells and whistles, there are always new gadgets to excite the fitness crowd every day. These gadgets are getting lighter, more portable and filled with mind boggling data. Even mental health has gone digital: there are mental health apps that connect patients with therapists, and track their moods and thoughts.

But really how effective are these digital devices to the severely mentally ill? Do people even have the time and patience to enter the data?

The fitness digital world has all the buzz, and we yet to hear the same outcome from the digital mental health world. Sometimes low tech is all you need: people helping people. Many organizations offer paid and free resources to the ones in need. A program called Mental Health First Aid, for example is a community resource for people to help themselves and each other.

The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is a comprehensive program that covers a five step action plan. The plan is comprised of the important 5 steps to help someone during a mental illness.
Offer support to stop the mentally ill person from harming themselves or encourage them to find the pleasures of life rather than committing suicide.

  • Listen to them unconditionally.
  • Give them assurance and information.
  • Offer help when they need.
  • Encourage them to self-help and other form of mental support.

It’s never too late for the ones who care about others and the world to participate. You may become a lifesaver of an entire family, or even a nation. We are making an app that will bridge the gap between digital and human touch. Sign up to our newsletter and stay in touch.

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