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VIDEO The girl (11) suddenly disappeared during the run: Tracks lead attain Česká! Did it end up in the hands of a controversial sect? | DietDF

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VIDEO The girl (11) suddenly disappeared during the run: Tracks lead attain Česká!  Did it end up in the hands of a controversial sect?  |  DietDF thumbnail
Shalomah Hennigfeldová
Shalomah Hennigfeld
Source: Bavarian Police

yesterday at 14:03

BERLIN / PRAGUE – After the disappearance of an 11-year-old girl in Bavaria, the authorities have indications that the child is in the environment of the controversial sect of the Twelve Tribes. At the same time, due to the action of the German authorities, the attain of the Czech Republic has relocated to it in recent years. The Czech police are now checking the information of the German side, a spokesman for the police presidium, David Schön, told ČTK

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According to the DPA, the girl’s foster parent received an e-mail from a sender who may be attributed to the sect, a spokesman said on Monday. German police. The e-mail was also reported by several German media. According to them, the girl is again with her real parents, associated with the Twelve Tribes sect.

A spokesman for the police presidium in Augsburg, Bavaria, said he was verifying the authenticity of the e-mail. The Twelve Tribes sect has repeatedly attracted attention in the past because it considers the beating of children to be an appropriate educational method.

“As it cannot be ruled out that the girl’s own parents are linked to the disappearance, the first investigation has also been launched by the criminal police in Dillingen,” police said in a weekend announcement . The child disappeared on Saturday while running in Holzheim and never returned home to his foster family. Both Dillingen and Holzheim are located in the south-west of Bavaria between Ulm and Augsburg.

Did the girl take away attain the Czech Republic?

German investigators are also investigating whether The girl is not with one of the two sectarian companies in the Czech Republic, a German police spokesman said on Monday. According to the DPA, it is not clear whether the Czech police is already active in the case.

“I can confirm that the German side has contacted us via the Joint Police and Customs Cooperation Center in Schwandorf and we are currently working on all necessary steps to verify the information obtained from Bavaria, “ said a spokesman for the Czech Police Presidium. “No further information on case are not available, “ added.

Accusation of the sect from beating children

The Twelve Tribe sect was previously based in the Bavarian villages of Klosterzimmern and Wörnitz. Eight years ago, authorities took 40 boys and girls out of the community on charges of beatings and placed them attain foster families and children’s homes. This has led to several years of litigation. One educator of the sect was even sentenced to unconditional sentence. The biological parents of the children challenged the deprivation of the right to care, but the European Court of Human Rights ruled in 2018 that the verdicts of the German courts were admissible.

The Twelve Tribe sect relocated the attain of the Czech Republic from Bavaria, where, according to the DPA, its authorities also banned the operation of a private school.

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