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Diet and Nutrition
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Diet is a pattern of eating by eating foods that are regulated in ways and sources of food. The point is to maintain overall body health. In addition, the diet also aims to achieve or maintain a controlled weight. Even so, not all diets are made to lose weight, some people go on a diet on the basis of doctor’s advice because they have certain diseases that force them to regulate all the nutrients that will enter their body.

Various Types of Diet

1. The Keto Diet

The keto diet is simple, this diet applies a diet high in fat and protein, but low in carbohydrates. The purpose of this diet is that the body gets more calories from protein and fat. According to the Journal of European Nutrition, this condition can deplete stored sugar as an energy source, and replace it with protein and fat.

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This condition causes the process of ketosis, which is a condition when the body no longer has carbohydrates (glucose) intake as a food source to be processed into energy. The existence of ketosis is expected to help lose weight.

The thing to remember, the source of fat on the keto diet is not just any fat, such as fried foods. Sources of fat should come from dairy products, organic eggs, and oils such as coconut and olive. Not only that, healthy fats can also be obtained from nuts (almonds and cashews) and avocados.

2. Atkins diet

The Atkins diet is an eating pattern that aims to control carbohydrate intake. Instead, people on this diet are allowed to consume more fat. In short, this diet may be more different from other diets. The reason is the Atkins diet allows a person to consume fat, unlike diets in general.

The thing to know is that not all fats have a negative impact on health. Unsaturated fats (HDL), aka good fats, are needed by the body to function normally. This diet can be tried for those who want to lose weight.

This HDL fat that is consumed serves to protect heart health, control blood sugar, to help lose weight. How about the menu? This diet menu is sourced from foods that contain pure protein, HDL fat, and high-fiber vegetables. This low-carb diet can increase metabolism, so the body can burn more fat stores in the body.

3. The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is the most recommended type of diet to do in an effort to lose weight and make the body healthier. This diet is a method that combines the traditional healthy habits of people living in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The principle in this diet method is to eat healthy foods, rich in vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. Not only that, this diet method also recommends eating less chicken, red meat, and unsaturated fats from olive oil and nuts.

The Mediterranean diet does have a variety of benefits for the body. According to one study, people who follow this diet have a 30 percent lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

4. Paleo diet

The paleo diet is a human diet in the prehistoric era or early humans, to be precise cavemen in the prehistoric paleolithic era. This diet is thought to be able to minimize the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

The paleo diet can be said to mimic the diet of ancient humans. This diet adapts the diet to the sources that are already available around us. The difference is, nowadays food supplies are readily available and can be obtained more easily, unlike those times which required people to hunt.

Therefore, food ingredients sold in supermarkets or traditional can be used when undergoing this one diet. After that, then the processing follows the ancient human method which is quite simple, such as frying, steaming, or baking.

This diet method is simple. People who adopt the keto diet are advised to avoid excessive sugar and carbohydrates. Instead, people on this diet are required to consume more protein. With reduced intake of carbohydrates and sugar, this condition is expected to be able to lose weight.

Not only that, although it still needs further research, this diet is thought to improve blood sugar control and insulin hormone function. This hormone itself is responsible for diverting sugar from the blood to enter the organs that need it, or it can also be stored in a storage area to meet needs at a later time.

The thing that needs to be underlined, regardless of any diet that will be applied, try to make sure the diet is safe to live. Because, people with certain conditions, may not be allowed to undergo a certain type of diet. For example, the keto diet should not be taken by pregnant or lactating women, athletes, and people with type 1 diabetes.

Therefore, try to discuss it with a nutritionist before deciding to go on a diet. The goal is clear, so that the diet is effective for maintaining a healthy body and losing weight, not triggering health problems.

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