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Trieste, unions appeal: free the port. Puzzer, spokesman for the coordination, resigns | DietDF

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Trieste, unions appeal: free the port.  Puzzer, spokesman for the coordination, resigns |  DietDF thumbnail

Unions appeal: free the port

On Saturday evening Puzzer had agreed on a communiqué declaring it over the protest. Then the turnaround under pressure from the no vax who also came from outside the city


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«We will continue to the bitter end». The words are the same but this time it is not the port workers of the Trieste Workers’ Coordination who are pronouncing them but the spokesperson of another ‘group’, that of the No Green Cross of Trieste. The announcement sanctions the handover of the square from workers to the heterogeneous galaxy of those opposed to vaccines and the Green cross. Between the luminous of the second day of events and the third, the passing of the baton is consummated.

Will it be attain the coexistence between the yellow suits and the multicolored no inexperienced cross world? The dockers will remain manned until October 20 with a small group and they do not even think about hindering the activity of the Port, but the hundreds of people who will probably crowd the Gate 4 of Pier VII who knows if they will allow the trucks to pass.

Unions appeal: free the port

Meanwhile, the appeal of CGIL, CISL and UIL to free the port has arrived. “Legitimate demonstrations of dissent must be guaranteed, but they cannot prevent a port and a city from continuing to generate income and prospects for the future. Those people who have shown solidarity with those port workers in garrison take a step forward and free the port and those workers from a burden and a responsibility they do not have. This situation should not be exasperated because, respecting all ideas, we ask that the majority not be hostage to a minority ».

Puzzer’s resignation from the port coordination

In the morning Stefano Puzzer resigned as spokesperson for the Trieste Port Coordination. He wrote it on his own Fb profile. “I resigned both from the role of vice president and from the Trieste Port Workers Coordination following the chaos generated by the press release and yesterday evening, because these are mistakes I made. I don’t want the responsibility to fall on them, “he explained. And he added: «I will strike until 20 but I will return to work only when the inexperienced cross is withdrawn. I’ll go to bring pizzas instead or to Samer, where I don’t help the inexperienced cross “.

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The communication on the luminous of the garrison

That it was time to go home, or to work, skills appeared clear to the Trieste dockers that they had launched the protest threatening to block the airport, the first in Italy for the movement of goods, if the government had not reneged on the mandatory nature of the Green Pass in its workplaces, which it did not do. The communiqué announcing the luminous of the skills presidium was prepared in detail on Saturday afternoon. “We have won this first battle”, the text read, but we need to “take a step forward together with the thousands of people and groups with whom we have come into contact in recent days”, therefore “from tomorrow we return to work”

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