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The super talent: viewers tear Dieter Bohlen's successor Chantal Janzen into pieces | DietDF

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The super talent: viewers tear Dieter Bohlen's successor Chantal Janzen into pieces |  DietDF thumbnail

Chantal Janzen is the new chief judge at Supertalent – that doesn’t go down well with viewers (photo montage)

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregoworius & Facebook

After Dieter Bohlen’s expulsion from “Das Supertalent” was supposed to take Lukas Podolski as chief judge. However, this had to pull out of the show masks because of a positive corona test. Now Chantal Janzen seems to have replaced PopTitan.

Cologne – Last year, ex-chief juror Dieter Bohlen (67) had to vacate his place in the Supertalent jury. Lukas Podolski should step in as a replacement. However, he fell ill with Corona shortly before filming *. Now the Dutch presenter Chantal Janzen (43) seems to have taken the place as chief judge. Not all fans react to this as enthusiastically as the Dutch woman herself. reports.

Not only Lukas Podolski is sick with Corona in the show masks. Chantal Janzen also tested positive for the virus: “That warfare was terrible. I had organized everything so well that it worked with my busy schedule in Holland and then something like that happens. To be on the safe side, I had to be in quarantine for two days and, thank God, was only unable to attend one of the programs, “she reveals to

The super talent: viewers criticize Chantal Janzen and the new jury

Not all viewers seem to be enthusiastic about this. The Dutch woman is often criticized on Facebook. Fans of the show masks claim that the blonde has “no bite, no pepper” and the RTL layout “died without Dieter Bohlen” *. But Chantal Janzen shows understanding and accepts the criticism of the audience: “If you do a show masks with the same people for a long time, the audience is used to it. If you change this composition without asking the audience, it can happen that the audience asks: ‘Hey, where are our people?’ “Explains the 43-year-old.

She also knows the show masks with Dieter Bohlen. She watched the super talent very often and found the jury to be very pleased: “I always liked it because has its own style. I have a lot of respect for people who do displays on television for long periods of time. But the whole layout was changed: completely new jurors and moderators. “

Viewers disappointed with the new super talent jury

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregoworius

The super talent: Chantal Janzen sits in the jury of the Dutch edition

The super talent is by no means new territory for Chantal Janzen. The blonde has been moderating the Dutch model of the talent show for seven years. So, of course, it makes sense for her to take on the divulge as chief juror: “If I had to play football now, I would be happy if Poldi would take me by the hand a little and explain everything to me,” laughs the 43- Year old.

Nevertheless, with her experience as a musical performer, dancer and singer, she hopes to be exactly the right person for the job, as she can empathize with the nervousness of the candidates: ” It’s so brave to appear in front of a camera because you’re so vulnerable on stage. As a juror you should always keep that in mind, ”explains the 43-year-old.

The super talent: Chantal Janzen has a skill – she is a Gummimensch

The pretty juror is not entirely talented, as she reveals in the picture interview : “I am a rubber person and can really bend my arms and legs. But I never use this skill because it looks weird too. For example, I could sit in my empty fridge. But do you really want to see that? ”Yes! One or the other audience will definitely want to see that. The next few episodes will show whether she shows her skills on the super talent stage. The Super Talent always runs on Saturdays at 8:15 p.m. on RTL. is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA .

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