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A Good Friends Help the Losing Weight Process

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A Good Friends Help the Losing Weight Process
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Losing weight isn’t just about the ultimate knowledge of what to eat: what’s good for us and what’s not. If it were that simple, far fewer people would struggle. Losing weight and keeping our bodies healthy is a psychological game too. A stable and healthy diet combined with exercise is not only good for our bodies, but also our minds – reducing stress and providing an overall more balanced approach to life.

Likewise, losing weight sometimes requires a peek into the soul. Emotional eating is one of the most common battles between mind and weight. Partners and accountability programs, however, are the best way to succeed through it.

Diet Accountability Partner

For many people, cultures and societies, food is more than just food. How do your food choices vary when you are happy? Sad? Bored? Eating for reasons other than hunger is emotional eating. When emotional hunger calls, it’s often comfort food that we reach for, which usually also equates to bad dieting foods.

Eating to satisfy emotional hunger usually means you are not hungry; your body doesn’t need calories right now, which means they’ll be stored as fat until later… unless they don’t need them later. The key is learning how to recognize emotional eating patterns, behaviors and triggers, and then how to manage those behaviors and handle emotions in healthy ways. Benjamin Franklin put it right away: “Eat to live, not live to eat.”

There is power in numbers, and there is no doubt that those with the highest success rates in weight loss are those who have sought out partners or accountability programs. It’s important to have a support system in place to help you deal with the bumps and slumps that often accompany weight loss.

Too often this is where the devil is; people hiccup, and without accountability, it’s a lot easier to let this little bump turn your weight loss program back into an emotional eating cycle. You can seek out friends and family members with similar goals that you know will hold you accountable.

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