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“The penalty for Juve ruined the game”

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"The penalty for Juve ruined the game" thumbnail

October 25, 2021 – 10: 34

The controversy after the penalty kick that the referee awarded to the Juve, in the 44th minute of the second half, only after the intervention of the Var. The former president of Inter Moratti comments with sarcasm

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A step back in time, like the old (and sad) times. Many Inter fans reacted in this way, with a dip in their memory, when the referee Maurizio Mariani, after reviewing the images at the Var, whistled the penalty kick for Juventus. A foul (by Dumfries on Alex Sandro) that shortly before, during the action, he had not seen, despite being very close to the action. It’s a question of the smallest details, but this is the technology. It ended 1-1 with the bianconeri who caught the equalizer in the 44th minute of the second half. A real mockery for the Italian champions. On social media we talk about nothing else, between endless controversies, jokes and the inevitable teasing.

The former Inter president also makes his voice heard, Massimo Moratti . “I don’t know if it was a rigorino – he tells Radio too sport, on Rairadiouno – yesterday’s situation ruined a game from the technical point of view. The referees let you play during the match and then there is a great sudden severity. The severity may be very right but playing with two fewer men can totally change the game, just as yesterday’s penalty changed the game. it seemed to me a penalty that obliged us to intervene later, now we have a mountain of penalties from morning to night “. A clarification that, we are sure, will fuel new controversies in the endless war between Inter and Juventus. A clash that has been going on for decades, sharpened, as is well known, in the years of Calciopoli.

Simone Inzaghi , l coach of Inter, was removed from the field for protests, after the referee decreed the shot from eleven meters. Ne after the game he commented like this: “We led the game from the beginning to the gorgeous, sorry to leave 2 points like that. We had an episode like this to take technology goals, which frankly I find it hard to understand. The referee blatantly says that there is nothing, technology la one meter, then he is called back and changes his decision. We are sorry, this result penalizes us strongly”.

The former referee Graziano Cesari in Pressing (Italy 1) has no doubts: “After the fall of Alex Sandro in the set, the referee makes sweeping gestures to continue, on the contrary, says cheer up that nothing has happened. At this point the Var recalls Mariani who concedes the penalty. Dumfries’ right foot hits that of the Juve player. Ingenuity is absolutely punishable “. And he adds: “From the attitudes of the referee on the field it is clear that the referee did not see well, so we are faced with a clear and obvious error: that’s why the Var intervenes “.

To those who thought that the championship of this year lacked a bit of pepper from San Siro came the answer: the controversy is served, the newspapers can make headlines, the fans get angry and clash, and the gorgeous show, once again, is served. Because, after all, let’s face it: what football would be without controversy?

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