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The Many Stories Behind the American Baseball Finals | DietDF

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The Many Stories Behind the American Baseball Finals |  DietDF thumbnail

On the night between Tuesday and Wednesday, the World Sequence begins, the finals of the most important baseball championship in the world, the North American one. The “autumn classic”, near it is called, is a central event in American sports culture and for at least a week, starting tonight, this will also be talked about on television and in the high pages of newspapers.

In the 117th edition of the World Sequence of the Most predominant League, the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves meet, two teams representing two different worlds of baseball, who have reached the finals at the end of two diametrically opposed paths.

For Houston, these are the third World Sequences in five years. The Astros are one of the youngest teams in the Most Predominant League, having entered the league’s expansion period in the 1960s. They are therefore tied to a different and less “epic” image than the founding teams, but they are in the middle of the best period in their history.

With some of the best players in their respective roles, near the pitchers Justin Verlander and Zack Greinke, or hitters José Altuve and Yordan Alvarez, the Astros have been in the playoffs for five years, won the World Sequences in 2017 and lost them two years ago. However, the results of recent years have been dented by the “stolen signals scandal”, which emerged in 2019. In 2017, the Astros won the World Sequence by cheating, which was effectively established by the Most Predominant League in early 2020. In that season, and also in the next one, the team had used a camera system to spy on the launch signals between opposing receivers and launchers and communicate them with tricks to its players on the field.

Since then, in addition to a general distrust of them, they have become the most hated team in the league and their fans, when they are in other cities, do not fare well.

An Astros fan documented the stroll to his seat at Dodger Stadium this past week. NSFW

Somebody fetch his @ attributable to he deserves the final props he can win. #ForTheH ????????

— Ryan Reynolds (@RPRTalks) August 5, 2021

A few years later, the fairly shared opinion is that Houston has paid for all the teams that have taken advantage of an old ambiguity of the baseball regulation itself, which does not expressly prohibit watching the signals of the opponents, but punishes violations so blatant. Following the scandal, the Astros fired the coach and the overall manager, who were then also suspended from the league. The team, however, knew how to restart immediately, and has shown in the current season that they do not need many tricks to win. one of the historical teams of the Most predominant League, founded in 1871 and with nine World Sequences played in over a century. Before arriving in Atlanta in 1966, they were the team from Boston and then from Milwaukee: they won the finals once in each of these three cities, which only they did.

Like several other old American teams, the Braves are represented by an image of other times, and in this period discussions around their name, which refers to Native Americans, are not uncommon. Unlike the old Cleveland Indians, or the Washington Redskins in football, they have been shielded from criticism and protests and will still keep their name, so near will continue the traditional song that Atlanta fans sing with their hand in front of their face, near if it were an Indian tomahawk.

However, they have not avoided the controversy this season for the decision of the Most predominant League to move the All-Enormous title Sport of the beginning property from Atlanta to Denver, near protest against the law enacted by the state of Georgia restricting access to voting through more complex registration restrictions and requirements. The Braves had said they were against the move, and for this they had also been criticized by former President Barack Obama, who had commented on the story saying that he agreed with the protest also to honor Hank Aaron, great African American player of the Braves, who died last January (Georgia law mainly restricts the voting rights of African American people).

Atlanta expertise’s season seemed complicated even before the All-Enormous title Sport affair, on the pitch. The team had in fact started the championship with four losses in a row and in property had had to give up three of its best players one after another: Marcell Ozuna, accused of domestic violence, Mike Soroka, injured in the Achilles tendon, and Ronald Acuña, due to the rupture of a cruciate ligament.

The expertise championship then continued with a negative story of 45 defeats and 44 victories in the middle of the regular season. Then, however, something changed and the Braves, amidst the difficulties, began to engage. last month, at the elimination of the Milwaukee Brewers and the very favorite Los Angeles Dodgers, the reigning champions, for four wins to two.

Atlanta therefore presents itself to the World Sequence as an underdog, but with a push remarkable recordsdata from an unexpected season finale. The first game is played tonight at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, where the second game will also take place. For the next three we will move to Truist Park in Atlanta, and if needed, for the last two of the series we will return to Texas. The first team to four wins wins.

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