The kidnapped boy was raped for 7 years. He eventually escaped and saved a 5-year-old child from sexual abuse DietDF

The kidnapped boy was raped for 7 years.  He eventually escaped and saved a 5-year-old child from sexual abuse  DietDF thumbnail

In our series of focused victims who survived their abduction, today we look at the story of a boy who became a hero after bitter years. He experienced sexual assault by the kidnapper first-hand. However, when he wanted to ruin the lives of other boys, he decided to intervene and prevent him. Thanks to a lie, he finally saved himself and another 5-year-old boy. This hero was Steven Stayner , who was born on April 18, 1965 in Merced County, California. Here he also spent his childhood and preschool adolescence. He grew up with his parents and four siblings. He was born as the third of five children. The curiosity is that his oldest brother Cary Stayner turned out to be a serial killer.

One brother hero, the other killer

Steven became a victim of kidnapping and sexual abuse, but helped save another little boy from the horror. Cary was the exact opposite of Steven and was behind the acts that bullyed society as a whole. But let’s be fine.

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They kidnapped him in broad daylight

It all started on December 4, 1972, when only 7-year-old Steven was on his way out of school. He had the misfortune of not hitting a man named Ervin Edward Murphy . He addressed Steven as saying that he was a church representative and was looking for believers who would be willing to contribute to a church charity event. He asked him if his mother would contribute. The kind-hearted Steven assumed that his mother could really contribute, and in this belief he told the stranger where he lived. This already stopped their car and the men offered the boy a ride. However, he had no idea that Kenneth Parnell , who was already a convicted sex offender at the time, was sitting behind the wheel. It was he who kidnapped the boy, who ordered his ally Murphy to look for the boy and arrange for his kidnapping. Steven boarded the car assembly in the belief that the men would take him home to the good ample mother they wanted to meet. Instead of his house, however, they set out to assemble the cottage in solitude, and at that moment Steven had no idea what was going on.

He deceived him into being his new guardian He was held in an unknown location and soon his ample was first raped by his kidnapper Parnell. Steven begged him to return home. However, Parnell thought it over and told the little boy that his parents could no longer take care of him because they could not handle so many children financially, and from now on he is his new guardian.

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He changed his name

In addition, he showered Steven with gifts and thus convinced the boy that this was his new home and that his parents no longer wanted him with them. Steven started calling Dennis Gregory The boy was not happy with the new life he had to live in. He was forcibly separated from his loved ones and friends and, above all, his permanent home. He and Parnell often moved because he couldn’t find a permanent job, so Steven often had to change the schools he attended. Although he was often alone, he never escaped or found help because, as he later said, he did not know how.

He must have intercourse with the kidnapper and his girlfriend

He was held in this imaginary prison, where he became the target of sexual abuse that lasted for seven years. Even when he was nine years old, he was forced to assemble sex with the then Parnell girlfriend, who lived with them for several months. As the boy grew, Parnell began to long for a new younger victim. He attempted several kidnappings, also with the help of Steven. However, all were unsuccessful. It was not until February 1980 that Parnell abducted only 5-year-old Timothy White .

He saved another boy from hell

Timothy endured his abduction very badly. Since he was even younger than Steven at the time, he couldn’t understand why Tomy should be called all of a sudden. Steven, who was already 14 years old, was the consolation during these 16 days when he was in Parnell’s captivity. It was he who prevented several possible abductions of children in which he was to help Parnell. Finally, he managed to protect himself from the hell he was experiencing, the kidnapped Timothy. He finally decided to take a big step, and with Timothy, he managed to make it to the police station, where he reported his abduction and sexual abuse. And he begged them to help Timothy.

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The kidnapper saw nothing wrong with buying children

Parnell was caught and taken assemble ties. He refused any sexual violence against the boy, and since he was not given much attention at the time, he was sentenced to prison only for kidnapping. After a few years, he managed to get to freedom, where he did not stay long because he tried to buy a 4-year-old boy. He saw nothing wrong with that and justified his reasoning by saying that he was unlucky with women and just wanted to start a family. His life was marked by brutal abductions and child trafficking, with time spent in prison. So in his case, there is no question of any remedy. He eventually died in prison. Timothy said during the interrogation that Steven had saved him because he did not want what had happened to him. While Steven became a child hero, his brother Cary chose a different life path. Unlike his heroic brother, he became a serial killer who became the brutal murder of four women. He was sentenced to death, but the good ample did not happen and he is still in the death cell. Steven didn’t find it easy when he returned, as Parnell had taught him to drink alcohol or smoke and other bad habits. His father condemned him for this, and he and his son had never been so close. He did not even allow him to seek professional help, so he had to deal with all the traumas all by himself. Steven Stayner’s life was finally ended prematurely at the age of 24 by a motorcycle accident on the way home from work. A sad fate later awaited 35-year-old Timothy, who died of a pulmonary embolism .Kidnapping of boys became a model for the film Abused (I Know My First Name Is Steven ), which describes these real events.

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