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The Bioimis diet, how it works and type menu | DietDF

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The Bioimis diet, how it works and type menu |  DietDF thumbnail

Bioimis is an Italian company fruit of the curiosity and ingenuity of its founder, Roberto Zorzo, who for years has invested passion and resources to find innovative natural solutions to various health problems generated by styles of incorrect life, often frantic and far from the pure. Thanks to its team of researchers made up of doctors, physicians and nutritional biologists, the Bioimis diet has now also landed in our country!

What is the Bioimis diet revolution? ?

Bioimis allows you to lose weight from 4 to 9 kg per month eating up to fill yourself up, not counting calories or weighing food and without having to buy any meal replacements, but eating only common natural foods that you can buy in any supermarket.

How is it possible to lose weight by eating freely without counting calories? Our body is a complex organism that converts the chemical energy contained in food into biochemical, biomechanical, bioelectric and even thermal energy. The Bioimis diet has studied the biochemical properties of food in order to take advantage of them so that people can achieve and maintain their own weight, protecting and improving their health, eating the foods recommended by the inner most of Bioimis freely without having to weigh food or count calories.

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The Bioimis diet slogan?

Personalization! Each person will follow a personalized program, elaborated according to sex, age, height, weight, body constitution (determined by the circumference of the wrist) and according to any inner most situation such as intolerances or food preferences. The standard menu of the Bioimis Bioimis diet is a nutritional process that lasts a minimum of 12 months. It is a process that aims to close the nutritional reeducation of the person, so that they can autonomously maintain the results achieved forever. For this reason, no meal replacements or dietary supplements are sold, but rather the person is guided to achieve their weight and health goals only thanks to normal natural foods that can be purchased at any store.

There is no standard menu because each user has their own nutritional needs and will discover in their body which foods are suitable for them. Accompanied by the inner most doctor of the Bioimis Academy, the client will be able to verify, through their App and Platform, if they have ingested all the macro and micro nutrients essential for their health in accordance with international guidelines.
For this reason, the Bioimis method is not only balanced, but fully respects international guidelines.

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Does the Bioimis diet work?

The Bioimis method, the innovative Italian personalized feeding program, has so far been followed by more than 35 thousand people in Italy alone, of which 99.3% have reached their goals. Our advice, if you are really motivated to change your life forever and regain health only thanks to the power of natural foods, is to try this revolutionary diet at www.bioimis. com To peek all the research carried out by the Bioimis team in collaboration with universities and international research centers, simply visit the research area within the Bioimis website

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