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The attacks of internet fraudsters do not stop. Here are the 5 most useful tips DietDF

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Not one of us has ever experienced the theft of a wallet in a store or on the street. It is a very unpleasant experience, it often meant losing all payment and all documents. However, the pickpockets did not disappear. They moved to a place where people, their money and their personal data also moved. Inventory of online space.

The point of their “business” is not to break the bank’s security measures. They know very well that they do not walk there so easily. They have focused their attention on people’s trustworthiness and ignorance, and every day they look for and invent new and new ways to envelop people and deprive them of money. In this case, it can have a really fatal effect on the robbers, as thieves can get not only the imaginary one-month paycheck, but also several years of savings.

We therefore bring you 5 useful tips on how not to fly. fraudulent practices, what to look out for and how to not be robbed .

Útoky internetových podvodníkov neutíchajú. Prinášame vám 5 najužitočnejších rád

Tip # 1: Always check your enact net banking login address. )

You may find this unnecessary, but it’s a basic step to make sure you’re actually on your bank’s login page. Today’s scammers already know how to work very well with graphical tools and copying any page is not a problem for them. The key thing to pay close attention to is the accuracy of the typed address. The official website of the bank certainly does not contain any inconspicuous extra letters or typos such as and the like. It is also important to pay close attention to links to the site in various emails or other communication tools that link to and encourage login to enact net banking. In this case, it is better to verify the sender and certainly not click on the attached hyperlink.

Tip # 2: Your login information is yours alone, so don’t share it with anyone.

Login data, in addition to the combination of generated codes from readers or other security tools, no one needs you except you. Neither a bank employee, nor a police officer, nor a seller. Therefore, be vigilant, and if someone puts pressure on you, be sure to stop any communication. Scammers often try to raise concerns about the security of your money. It is better than to provide any information by verifying the situation by calling the official bank number directly.

If someone encourages you to pay, take over a win, a charity or a suspiciously advantageous purchase, pay attention. The fraudster also often tries to give the victim the impression that it is a reimbursement of postage or duty. However, only you know when, where and what you are buying, and such payments and fees are part of the proper purchasing process, so any additional contacting seems highly unreliable. Of course, when accepting a prize or giving a gift, certainly no one needs your card details or other bank details from you.

Council No. 4: Confirmation Use the payment code (so-called 3D Rep code) only after a thorough check and if you are sure that you are actually making a specific purchase.

If you pay for the goods, make sure that the confirmation message shows the correct seller and also that the amount corresponds to the purchase. Sometimes a little inattention is enough at the decimal point and instead of a few euros you pay tens of euros. Be sure not to provide this confirmation code to people who want to send you money. For example, when selling through an advertising portal. They certainly don’t need this code in such situations.

Tip # 5: The security code for activating Apple Pay or Google Pay is really for activation only.

Never enter this code on any website, by phone, or in any payment gateway-like application. The merchant does not need it to process the payment and has no reason to request it from you. If you have accidentally given the code to someone, immediately block the card and contact your bank.

Tip to conclude:

If you shop online, it is easy to pay for the goods with a payment card. However, it is safer to use a one-time payment card . This is a very secure method of payment without the risk of card information being misused and reused. Such a service is offered by Tatra banka in its mobile application. Just click on the card and the “Internet payment” function in the application. You will then receive data that you will only use once to pay for the purchase. You will generate a new card number for the next purchase

Learn to protect your money (Tatra banka)

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