The accompanying program of the international festival of contemporary dance Bratislava in motion will start this weekend DietDF

The accompanying program of the international festival of contemporary dance Bratislava in motion will start this weekend  DietDF thumbnail
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10.09.2021 10: 00

Competition will celebrate in this 25th anniversary of its inception. In addition to the main program, which will present works by artists from the USA, Israel, France, Italy, Greece, Germany and Slovakia, it will also present a wide accompanying program. Its first part began during August with a retrospective exhibition of photographs by Ctibor Bachratý. The accompanying program will continue with the GENIUS LOCI project, which consists of four works by Slovak choreographers and spectators will be able to see it outside the theater stages, right in the streets of Bratislava, on 11 and 12 September. The performances will follow each other so that the spectator has the opportunity to see all four performances in a row while walking through the city. The guide – musician Miro Tóth, will accompany the audience from one place to another. On both days, they will start at 5 pm in Pálffy’s Palace on Panská Street and will gradually move to the Primate’s Palace.

During its twenty-five-year history, the Bratislava competition in motion strives to create opportunities for contact and knowledge of contemporary dance even outside the classical theaters. Accompanying events of the festival gave artists the opportunity to create and enliven the streets and squares, or other public places in Bratislava.

“As part of the festival anniversary celebrations, we decided to address the cooperation of three generations of Slovak creators, from the oldest to the youngest. When choosing, we took into account their artistic qualities and experience with this type of project. Each team created a separate project, in the form of a performative format close to them, with the task of using the genius loci and the spatial disposition of the site. The creators vibrate the spotted places and nooks with movement and sound, find a way to connect with the space and its atmosphere, and combine the past with the present in the form of contemporary artistic intervention. The addressed team leaders are prominent artistic personalities, they have their own specific creative handwriting and a different vocabulary of movement, which distinguishes them from each other. “ Miroslava Kovářová, artistic director of the festival, author of the concept and dramaturg of the project

The selection of artists is also a mini sample of the Slovak scene of contemporary dance.

GENIUS LOCI – GMB / Pálffy Palace

Concept and choreography: Barbora Janáková / Music : Juraj Cech / Performer and co-creator: Lucia Kašiarová / Costume: Michaela Mokrá

THE OTHER SIDE – Summer reads Rhubarb Red Crayfish

Choreography: Lucia Holinová / Music: NOXORI / Dance: Kristína Matúšová, Monika Čertezni, Renata Ptačin, Katarína Chilli Čillíková, Costumes: Veronika Keresztésová

WEITTENHOF – GMB / Mirbach Palace

Concept and choreography: Yuri Korec / Choreography and performance: Karol Regeci, Michal Toman, Lukáš Zahy / Scenography: Tomáš Hubinský

WATER PROJECT – Primate’s Palace

Concept, music: Jozef Vlk / Choreography: Stanislava Vlčeková / Performers: Ján Dzonald Minárik, Michal Noga, Radoslav Piovarči and others …

Admission to the event is free of charge in compliance with anti-pandemic measures for spectators with vaccination, negative test or confirmation of overcoming Covid-19 (OTP group).

International competition of contemporary dance Bratislava in motion will be held under the auspices of Mayor Hl. of the City of Bratislava Matúš Vall and will continue this year for one month from 4. carry out October 25.

Tickets for all performances can be purchased online directly on the festival website in the Tickets section, via the portal or before the performance directly in the theaters of the festival

We care about life and health.

The performances of the festival will be able to visit only COMPLETELY VACCINATED viewers.

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