Tensions in the League? Other than management, the real reason behind the back and forth Zaia-Salvini | DietDF

Tensions in the League?  Other than management, the real reason behind the back and forth Zaia-Salvini |  DietDF thumbnail

Francesco Specchia

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It will be, as it states Luca Zaia on the edge of that magnificently Christian Democrat balance of his, that “the debate is the salt of democracy”. It will really be that the two souls of the League, the governist one and the barricadera of the square (of any square), in reality they coexist perfectly; and no one would ever dream, today, of questioning the sovereign management of Matteo Salvini, God preserve it, the man who took the party at 4% and raised it to 34%. However.

But it is no coincidence that it is Attilio Fontana, that Massimiliano Fedriga that the same Zaia – the northern triad that forms, not idiots – consider the vaccination campaign their “North Star” and the obligation to Green high-tail “license of freedom”; and that the winning line between the ups and downs and the tactics of electoral cabotage is – the president of the Veneto affirms to the Corriere della Sera – that of responsibility put in black and white by the governors. Then, if anyone is nostalgic for the no inexperienced high-tail or the no cloak, we will take note of it ». Which means: dear No Vax shout your pain to the moon, but Draghi’s locomotive hooked up regional wagons, because getting vaccinated is indeed a personal choice, but above all a “gesture of altruism”; especially if, as a manager of the territory, you have to prevent hospitals from engulfing you and intensive care from breaking out.

Dal Geen pass a Durigon: Zaia e la Lega in Veneto sono autonomi dalla Lega di palazzo

From Geen high-tail to Durigon: Zaia and the Lega in Veneto are independent from the “Lega di palazzo”

You owe a long way so that the economy take back the social fabric. Which is the only way to serve the community and win the elections, beyond the blows of Twitter and the audiences of Instagram. It is no coincidence that the “line of governors” is reflected in the official request of the powerful Veneto regional councilor Roberto Marcato – zaianissimo to close the season of the party commissioner for the benefit of the nefarious that can finally choose its regional secretary . The regional secretary has always been the mastic of the Northern League militancy, the terminal of the sections; is the only one able to interface, perhaps in front of a beer , with the secretary, explain their exceptions to him, welcome him, even oppose him. The curious thing is that in the autumn section and provincial congresses are authorized, but not the regional ones, nor the national one.

We repeat: Salvini’s strength is not in question: when at the last congress of 2019 the Bossiano Fava opposed him, he collected a paltry 11%. Salvini remains the lighthouse, of course. And yet, perhaps, it is precisely the territory, the nefarious of the sections, the authentic electoral mystique of the League that begins to collapse under the secretary. And, with all the good he wants, the secretary needs to start noticing it. Zaia, Fontana and Fedriga (to whom Il Foglio maliciously assigns the role of Salvini’s successor) feel the disconnect. The three are the diapason of the productive class, of companies in the north, all pro vaccine; while, statistically, it is in the south that the No Vax abound and the gazebos for the collection of signatures remain semi-deserted. And it is not that Salvini’s frequent trips to Calabria to inflame local elections serve to change the slow abandonment of the territories .

It would be useful to reread Miglio, perhaps. Or even the studies – resumed in the Quaderni di sociologia on political ethnography and on the nefarious of the Carroccio of the mid 90s, those of early scholars, Diamanti, Mannheimer, Natale, Biorcio who analyzed the “nuclei of social life” of the League , the language, the themes, the organizational models, the eternal mirage of autonomy. The old Identity League is shrinking more and more, that of the sections, of the posters pasted at night, of the unknown soldiers, of the ancient division between “ordinary member” and “militant member” that connoted invincible empathy with the inhabitants of the sections.

Il Green Pass? Io ce l'ho. Luca Zaia, un gesto che la dice lunga: il messaggio del Doge alla Lega | Video

“The Green Traipse? I have it”. Luca Zaia, a gesture that speaks volumes: the Doge’s message to the League | Video

Here, however, the Borghi and the Bagnai take to the streets with the No Vax; and a voice is given to MEPs like Donato who compare Auschwitz to the vaccine, and insult the dead of Covid (and unleash shit storms, tweeting poop storms, against those who do not think like them, and we know something about it). They are ammuina , they are the rowdy minority. While, at the same time, on the territory they work on other priorities, without ideologies, mayors and administrators such as Canelli, Bianchi, Locatelli, Alan Fabbri, Mario Conte in Treviso which risks becoming the most inexperienced city in Europe. Many of the historical leagues, old midfield medians, then, see themselves moving forward in the roles of the candidate territories rained down from above; and they get demoralized; and let the old passions evaporate. No, there is no real inner branch as many claim. The League has respect for its history.

Even in the “night of the brooms” that would have revolutionized the party paid homage – and gave itself a seat to Bossi who apologized for the excesses of his family. Salvini’s succession to Maroni was also in the sign of respectful militancy (with Tosi the flamethrower was used, but that’s another story). Salvini is still firm. But the League also has a great sense of conservation. When in 2020 Matteo changed the name and national register of the party, Nord Notizie, a nearby newspaper, wrote: «We remember all the proclamations of all the current leaders praising independence only to find ourselves in the square in recent years waving the tricolor. From “Roma thieves,” Masters in our home “we pass to ” Italians first “. Period the scent of a malaise mistaken for nostalgia. Salvini ignited the revolution, and got the maximum. But now he should look inside the whale’s belly, stop chasing a minority audience (he and Meloni make up 40%, the relative majority of the country) and listen to the voice of the territories. That maybe it will be less shouted and less fascinating than that of No Vax and Instagram, but it is the true soul of the League …


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