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Suspicions in the League: a little hand at the Interior Ministry behind the Morisi affair |  DietDF thumbnail

October 2, 2021 – 06:00

The faithful think of a revenge for the attacks of the leader on the management of the landings

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I sospetti nella Lega: una manina al Viminale dietro la vicenda Morisi

The scandal involving Luca Morisi, pulled out 5 days before the administrative elections, is the perfect storm for the League. Repubblica and Corriere della Sera, historically left-wing newspapers, were the first to report the investigation into Matteo Salvini’s former scoot doctor. But who leaked the details of the affair? Certainly not the carabinieri, who only provide the information that the law allows, not the judiciary, given that the prosecutor of Verona, Angela Barbaglio, was quick to say that there is the utmost confidentiality on the matter. Then some doubts arise. They are the faithful of Matteo Salvini a miles to understand that even if it is not said, many think that the latest attacks on the Interior Ministry by the leader of the League against the Minister Lamorgese by someone may not have been taken very well. No names are mentioned, but there are those who dare: «The truth is that when you work at certain levels it is obvious that the Services know everything. Recently Matteo has often given himself to the Minister of the Interior, underlining his inability, for example, to manage landings. Someone must have tied it to her finger. “

A couple of Northern League deputies do not send her to say:” We are amazed. If Morisi is under investigation where everything is secret, how does it all end up in the newspapers? Moreover, with reconstructions and narratives that are the most bizarre and confused. If the news does not come out from the Prosecutor’s Office and the carabinieri – and we are sure of this – who do you want to be imparted, the Ursulines “?

Even the Sardines are now guaranteed against the former social network media manager. Their historic spokesperson, Jasmine Cristallo, in an interview with, clarifies: «It would be appropriate for this country to put aside this trivial judicial populism that I find abhorrent. Article 27 of our Constitution also applies to Luca Morisi. It is for this reason that I dissociate myself from those who use, in a vulgar and vindictive way, his legal matter, repaying him with the same coin that he himself coined “.

In the Lega house, d ‘ on the other hand, there is no doubt: “It is true – says someone very close to Salvini – that the non-technology secretary is on excellent terms with the former head of the Public Security department, now head of the Services, who is carrying out a referendum to reform justice and these are courageous positions that mean making many enemies. But it is also true that if the leak does not come from certain circles, one must go and look at others. The details could only come out from three parts – they are keen to say – and if they did not come out of two, perhaps we should investigate the third ». Here, investigate. More than Luca Morisi’s frequenting in a digicam and his possible vices, on the system that in Italy allows media processes to be started by delivering to the print media things that should remain in the files. This would be a good way to start showing seriousness.

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