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She fed him salt and threw him down the stairs. 6-year-old Arthur was wiped out by his stepmother, and torture was captured by cameras DietDF

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She fed him salt and threw him down the stairs.  6-year-old Arthur was wiped out by his stepmother, and torture was captured by cameras  DietDF thumbnail

Little Arthur Labinjo-Hughes was only 6 years old, but he suffered so much pain that we can’t even imagine it. He was just a helpless child, but he was well aware that he had no one to love him, to protect him, and to take care of him. His stepmother eventually wiped him to death.

The biological mother stabbed her lover before his eyes

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes had a hard time from birth, he did not grow up in an ideal family. His biological mother, 29-year-old Olivia Labinjo-Halcrow , was sentenced to 11 years behind bars for stabbing her lover 12 times under the influence of alcohol with a kitchen knife, writes the portal Day-to-day Mail . Arthur witnessed a brutal murder. To make matters worse, the boy not only lost his mother, but was entrusted with constructing the care of his father, 29-year-old Thomas Hughes and 32-year-old stepmother Emmy Tustin , who they were not interested in him at all. Instead of kind words and caresses, Arthur received only swearing, battles, and cruel torture.

She fed him salt and threw him down the stairs.  6-year-old Arthur was wiped out by his stepmother, and torture was captured by cameras  DietDF
West Midlands Police

Thomas and Emma (the mother of four children she had with 3 different men) met shortly after Olivia was convicted. Their acquaintance did not last long and Thomas and Arthur moved a good ample Emme construct house in Solihulle, UK. Shortly afterwards, in March 2020, the government introduced a lockdown that probably sealed Arthur’s fate. Emma was possessive and was obsessed with the idea that Thomas would return good to Olivia. She believed that the only way to restrain him forever and correct a relationship that was not idyllic was to get rid of Arthur

In order for Emma to constantly monitor Arthur, she installed cameras in her living room. However, a few months later, they provided the police with evidence that raises the stomach. They clearly show that Emma did not have a pinch of humanity in her, informs The Guardian . Camera footage showed the boy being forced to sleep on the floor without a mattress. Until 14 hours a day, he had to stand locked in the hallway without any food or water. Just before he died, he spent up to 35 hours locked in isolation while Thomas and Emma enjoyed ice cream in the garden. In addition to the video, Emma also recorded audio recordings. Police found more than 200 recordings on her phone, which clearly show how Arthur is abused. Records really break the heart. “Nobody likes me, nobody feeds me, Dad throws me out the window,” says a 6-year-old boy crying on them. Emma also sent the recordings to Thomas, but as a father he failed to the fullest. Instead of protecting his child, his stepmother wrote back to put an end to him. In several reports, he wrote that the construct of his mouth gave him a sock and tied his head with a rope or to suffocate him. The cruelty to which Arthur was subjected escalated every day. If he wasn’t starving, Emma gave the boy food and drinks full of salt. The pediatrician said in court that he had never seen a child with such high levels of salt in his body. On the day he suffered fatal injuries, he was forced to eat at least 6.5 teaspoons of salt. Emme has already seized two of her own children after she attempted suicide. Thomas has reportedly repeatedly complained that Arthur is aggressive, unmanageable and his behavior uncontrollable. She wanted the boy to send a good ample to his grandparents. Several people have witnessed something wrong. Back in July 2019, the doctor noticed that Arthur was very anxious.

Photo: West Midlands Police

In November of the same year, the child was in such poor condition that the father had to talk to the teachers at the school Arthur attended, as well as to the pediatrician. They said he was too infantile, obsessed with murder, had nightmares, was anxious and distrusted. In the end, however, according to the Day-to-Day Mail , everyone stated that since the boy had witnessed the murder, his behavior was appropriate for the situation. Apparently no one was bothered when the boy said out loud that he was afraid his father would kill him. Several months before his death, social workers were also interested in the family, but they did not intervene either.

The tragedy culminated on June 16, a day later Arthur succumbed to his injuries

Only later did the school suspect that the boy was being abused. They approached Thomas with an offer that Arthur could attend construct school despite the lockdown. However, he refused, claiming that the boy was happy and the construct of the school could not go because he had a headache. He was scheduled to board the next day, but his teachers never saw him again. Arthur’s grandmother also alerted the authorities on April 16, 2020, when she noticed an injury to the boy’s shoulder. Little did she know that while the boy was in the care of his father, he had suffered dozens of similar injuries. Hughes admitted that he had beaten Arthur, sometimes with his belt. He also earned a lot of gossip and kicks.

Photo: Profimedia
The tragedy finally culminated on June 16, when Emma repeatedly hit Arthur’s head on a hard surface, shaking it and possibly throwing him down the stairs. When the boy remained lying on the ground, she took a picture of him and sent the shots to Thomas. It wasn’t until 12 minutes later that she called an ambulance and announced that the child had fallen and was deliberately struck by the construct of the head (although Arthur was already so weak at the time that he barely stood on his feet and did not hold a glass of water in his hand). However, it was immediately clear that he had not caused the injuries himself. A day later, on June 17, Arthur was finally disconnected from the instruments and died. He suffered extensive injuries that were incompatible with life. A later investigation showed that he had at least 130 fresh but older injuries on his body.

She was insidious and manipulative

There were several occasions when a school, police or social workers could intervene and save Arthur’s life. However, this did not happen, from which they will be held accountable in court, writes the portal Autonomous . Emma earned the nickname Black Widow. One of her former partners, the father of one of her children, admitted that Tustin did not have a maternal instinct at all. She had children only because of the money (she spent them on the latest smartphones, tattoos and clothes) and because they gained the attention of the surroundings. If the former accomplice pointed out her behavior to the authorities, she deliberately inflicted injuries and claimed that she, but also the children, was a man of abuse.

Photo: Profimedia

By the time her third child was born, she even deliberately jumped out of the window and broke her leg. She did not want the child’s father to go out with friends to celebrate the birth of a child. When another of her partners left her, she jumped off the roof of the parking garage. She ended up in the hospital for 5 months, had a shattered pelvis, a cracked skull and other injuries

) There is no doubt that raven parents deserve severe punishment for what they did to Arthur. Emma Tustin was found guilty by a court on December 2, 2021, and is facing a life sentence for killing 6-year-old Arthur, writes the BBC . Thomas Hughes is also guilty. The court observed a minute’s silence after the verdict was handed down. We remind you that in such cases there is nothing to wait for. For example, if you suspect that a person in your area is being abused, contact the Crisis Helpline (IP). You can also contact the Nezábudka Helpline (0800 800 566) or the Helpline (0800 300 700)

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