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Prevent Hoaks, Notify material Creator Share Correct Weight-reduction plot Data | DietDF

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Prevent Hoaks, Notify material Creator Share Correct Weight-reduction plot Data |  DietDF thumbnail

When eating regimen, don’t just focus on the number on the scale, but on the goal of the diet.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Having an ideal and healthy body is everyone’s dream. To get an ideal and healthy body, of course, requires some effort such as doing fitness or eating regimen. Therefore, doing an eating regimen is intended to make the body fit and to get used to adopting a healthier lifestyle.

As stated by Maichel Lim who is a vow creator as well as an on-line fitness trainer. Maichel said he wanted people to focus on the eating regimen not only on the number of scales, but on the goal of the eating regimen itself, which is to change the shape of the body to become more fit and healthy.

Maichel Lim is a man from Jakarta who is 24 years old. He often provides information about the world of eating regimen and fitness on his Instagram social media account. Maichel himself is quite critical of various types of hoaxes about eating regimens that exist in society. and information about the correct eating regimen. In fact, he has helped dozens of his clients achieve the body they want from gaining and losing weight and building muscle mass. health. This he did based on his personal experience, which was previously less active in sports and had fallen quite seriously ill at a young age. as part of his lifestyle, until finally he became a young fitness trainer and started his on-line coaching business in early 2021 under the name “Online teaching with maichellim” which can be viewed on the net site

The reason he started this business is because he saw the situation in the community which became less active and prone to illness during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially seeing that many gymnasiums were closed during the pandemic.

Maichel revealed that the on-line teaching that he did actually existed before the pandemic period, because of the changes that are happening now that make people exercise at home.

“Because the pandemic situation has pushed people to change from those who have to exercise at the gym to exercise at home with simpler fitness equipment. Exercise at home is the safest place to be from being exposed to the Covid-19 virus, because doing sports does not need to leave the house.” he said.

Maichel himself hopes that the business he runs can help many people who are less concerned about their health because they are busy and don’t have time to go to exercise to be able to feel the benefits of exercising without having to go anywhere. gymnasium.

In the future, he hopes that more and more fitness trainers will do similar business, especially for people who have busy activities. “I hope that in the future there will also be many fitness trainers like me who also implement a similar business to meet the demands in society, especially for people who are busy and who are embarrassed to have to exercise at the gymnasium,” he concluded.

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