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Policy wanted to transition to healthy sustainable diets: ‘In explain so that you just can commerce diets, it be famous to commerce food environments’ | DietDF

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Policy wanted to transition to healthy sustainable diets: ‘In explain so that you just can commerce diets, it be famous to commerce food environments’ | DietDF thumbnail

In a joint policy briefing​ published currently (13 October), the EU Food Policy Coalition argued “the physical, financial, political and socio-cultural context by which buyers rob with the food gadget” ​performs a pivotal feature in shaping salvage a question to. Changing the food atmosphere is therefore key to transitioning to a sustainable and healthy food gadget, the file commended.

Adopting a ‘food atmosphere technique’ technique recognising that of us’s food selections are formed by the contexts within which they are made. Attributable to this truth, the most ‘effective and equitable’ technique to shift consumption is to be obvious that that the meals that make a contribution to healthy, sustainable diets are the most readily obtainable, accessible, sensible, satisfying and widely promoted.

“The final analysis is that after you ought to commerce diets equitably and effectively, it be famous to commerce food environments. And to create enabling food environments for healthy and sustainable diets, you will need regulation because the fundamental driver of commerce,”​ Nikolai Pushkarev, Policy Coordinator at the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) said.

The briefing describes the fundamental traits of food environments and their seemingly to create ‘unparalleled changes’ in food programs by ‘empowering, barely than inserting the burden on voters’. It specifically specializes within the industrial determinants influencing food selections.

The paper sets out seven ‘entry parts’ for motion on food environments and presents a listing of imaginable policies to help as examples. These vary from regulatory standards to govern food traits, to stricter labelling requirements, restricting the promotion of ‘nutritionally heart-broken’ food and aligning prices with the ‘moral label’ of food to kind sustainable and healthy alternate suggestions more economically inspiring.

“Both pricing policies and monetary incentives are a part of the motion framework, apart from motion on promotion and marketing,”​ Puskarev knowledgeable FoodNavigator. 

“The main focal point ought to peaceful be on food gadget stage effects, barely than on particular person food stage. Person meals can make a contribution to sustainable consumption patterns, shall we speak within the occasion that they are produced to elevated standards, but finally it be the impact of consumption patterns that issues most.”

Aligning policy motion with Farm to Fork and Green Deal dreams 

Promoting a more healthy and more sustainable food gadget is ‘severe’ in currently’s Europe, the salvage food consumption patterns are undermining of us’s health and perpetuating unsustainable manufacturing programs.

This enviornment has been recognised by the European Commission via its Farm to Fork Strategy and Green Deal. However recent diets salvage the attainment of European food policy targets out of reach, the EU Food Policy Coalition believes.

“The Farm to Fork Strategy aims at creating a sustainable food gadget by 2030. If we would prefer to be obvious that this transition and meet the targets, we would prefer regulations to be formed within a favorable story,”​ defined Federica Dolce, EU Policy Manager at Valid Food Advocacy Europe (SAFE).

The briefing calls on public authorities to step-up their feature in creating enabling food environments, which is ready to generate famous co-advantages, similar to riding salvage a question to for socially correct provide chains, and foster agro-ecological and native weather-proof manufacturing devices with high stages of animal welfare.

Madeleine Coste, Policy Officer at Slack Food, pressured out that it wants to be easy and sensible to salvage entry to sustainable food. “Food,”​ she said, “that’s healthy and produced in an environmentally friendly technique, but additionally food that’s culturally prosperous, produced by farmers who receive ample pay and by farm workers who are treated moderately, and which respects high animal welfare standards. Citizens are making obvious they need better and sustainable food, and food environments ought to peaceful be formed to meet their expectations.”

Meanwhile Olivier De Schutter, Co-chair of the World Panel of Consultants on Sustainable Food Methods (IPES-Food), said the policy short additionally demonstrates the dangle to dash from particular person to collective accountability.

“This unusual policy short by the EU Food Policy Coalition confirms what many folk dangle been announcing for years: to salvage to sustainable food programs, continuing to situation too great accountability on particular person buyers misses the pricetag. Ensuring the food programs transition we would prefer technique working to commerce the very food environments that situation our selections. And handiest proactive motion by EU, nationwide, and native policymakers, joined up with food commerce and civil society engagement will unlock this transition.”

Seven motion parts 

7 dimensions of food environments 

Some of the main fundamental questions addressed 

 Examples of policies and actions (indicative and non-exhaustive) 

Food traits 

What is the nutritional composition of meals? What particular (regulatory) standards exist to be obvious that the safety, environmental, social and animal welfare credentials of food products? How is food packaged? 

– Advertising standards 

– Environmental product-particular regulations and standards 

– Regulatory standards on the stages of obvious vitamins in food 

– Product reformulation policies 

– Antibiotics use regulations 

– Legislation to pause the utilization of cages in animal agriculture 

– Fisheries regulations 

– Pesticides regulations 

– Minimum wage and labour regulations for food workers 

– Food security regulatory standards, in conjunction with on food contact presents 

– Actions to promote bulk shopping for retail 

Food labelling 

Are meals labelled in a formulation to kind better selections without danger and transparently identifiable? Does it kind the simpler and more sustainable different more inspiring? 

– Simplified nutrition labelling 

– Labels highlighting socio-financial, native weather and environmental sustainability right via the price chain 

– Starting salvage labelling 

– Animal welfare ‘tiered’ manner of manufacturing labelling 

Food promotion 

How are meals marketed and marketed? Are meals that power ill health and undermine diversified sustainability targets freely and widely promoted, or are restrictions in situation? Are programs in situation to be obvious that healthy and sustainable alternate suggestions are promoted?  

– Principles restricting the promoting, marketing and gross sales promotion, in conjunction with on-line, of nutritionally heart-broken food  

– Principles towards deceptive marketing and claims, in conjunction with ‘greenwashing’ 

– Requirements to be obvious that public money is handiest spent on selling meals associated with sustainable diets, in its place of meals with high unfavourable environmental and animal welfare footprints 

Food provision 

What are the traits of the menus and meals on offer via public procurement, in conjunction with in faculties, canteens, hospitals, and in ingesting locations and diversified out-of-dwelling or dwelling offer settings? How is urban planning organised, shall we speak by strategy of the density of instant food outlets and the provision of spaces that make community via ingesting food? 

– Minimum sustainability criteria for public food procurement, in conjunction with with a glimpse to promote more healthy, plant-prosperous and no more meat-heavy menus 

– Goal for organic food in faculties  

– Immediate carrier ingesting locations prepare nutrition and sustainability labels 

– More healthy plant-based mostly totally mostly alternate suggestions in take-away meals 

– Industrial urban planning strategies to minimize the density of instant food outlets 

– Strengthen for social ingesting locations for inclined groups 

Food retail 

How is the provision of meals associated with sustainable healthy diets in stores? How are in-retailer environments organised? Is food retailed in a procedure that provides additional price to the socio-cultural abilities of food? Are instant food provide chains and command producer to user distribution programs readily obtainable, accessible and sensible? 

– Insurance policies supporting mission-led food commerce devices, to fabricate social apart from financial impacts, similar to via community supported agriculture initiatives and instant provide chains 

– Store layouts give a enhance to positioning of food associated with sustainable healthy diets, similar to healthy and environmentally-friendly plant-based mostly totally mostly meals   

– Insurance policies to offer a enhance to native market infrastructures 

– Nutritionally heart-broken meals are eradicated from sale procedure check-out counters 

Food prices 

Cease relative prices favour meals that make a contribution to sustainable healthy diets, while reducing the great thing about nutritionally heart-broken food and food with a heavy native weather and environmental burden? Cease non-stigmatising fiscal interventions exist to offer a enhance to salvage entry to to neutral correct food for folk in low-profits groups? Cease food prices give a enhance to first payment incomes for producers who make use of strategies that are better for buyers, native weather, the atmosphere and animals? 

– Pricing policies to align food prices with the moral label of food and to decrease the relative label of the more sustainable food alternate suggestions 

– Fiscal incentives for folk residing on low incomes 

– Minimal VAT for fruit and vegetables, pulses and nuts  

Food commerce and global agreements 

Cease global commerce and investment agreements dangle provisions in situation to offer protection to and foster enabling food environments? Are there global agreements to offer a enhance to the sustainability of food? Cease EU internal market commerce guidelines allow sustainable food programs? 

– Import standards at the identical stage as EU environmental, social and animal welfare standards, coupled with help to non-EU producers from decrease profits nations to fulfil these standards 

– A food sustainability chapter in commerce agreements that’s binding and enforceable 

– Food sustainability impact overview earlier than negotiations 

– Chase to take care of twin quality of food right via the EU 

– Allowing public food procurers to lift from native suppliers right via the EU 

The ​EU Food Policy coalition​, brings collectively civil society and organizations training refining and advocating for a ​shared vision​ of sustainable food programs at the EU stage similar to NGOs from a mammoth spectrum working on food programs, grassroots social movements, farmers organizations, organizations of fishers, commerce unions, mediate tanks and be taught groups.

Supporting organisations:

AIM, ARC2020, BEUC, BirdLife, CFFA, CiWF, EEB, EHN, EPHA, Euro Coop, Eurocities, Eurogroup for Animals, Feedback, FoEE, FTAO, IFOAM Organics EU, IPES-Food, OSEPI, PAN Europe, SAFE, Slack Food, Unesco Chair in Sustainable Food Methods, Urgenci, WWF

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