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On newsstands on the Fatto Quotidiano of 9 September: A small little Green Glide.  Majority in pieces |  DietDF thumbnail

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The tinnitus of Marco Travaglio

The other evening, on Dimartedì, the farcical version of the plague was staged nationality of those who air their mouths talking about justice. And, advance Totò tells the Hon. Trumpet, they let him talk. In the studio the prosecutor Gratteri, the journalists Damilano, Senaldi and Barbano (deputy director of Corriere dello Sport) and the writer Antonella Mannocci Galeotti from Larciano


“Abuse of office”: Boccassini and the pm Nobili

Brescia. The investigation after the incident in which the daughter of the two overwhelmed a passer-by: “He called the head of the brigade and there was no alcohol take a look at”. The Prosecutor’s Office: “Archive”

The interview . The political scientist Marco Revelli

“Either they open the crisis or they are outside the Constitution”

“This government is outside the constitutional spirit …” Why, Professor Revelli? Because with any other executive, after Salvini’s blitz which votes against the majority, a political clarification should be opened. But if the behavior is repeated, advance in this case, a government crisis should open. Professor Marco Revelli, 73 years old, from

Il Romanzo del colle / 6. Silvio Berlusconi

b. deserted the court to prepare for the Quirinale

Circonvention. To keep him good, Salvini and Meloni make him believe they are electing him head of state. And now he really hopes for it

Public and private. The Olympic Arena

Hall and the gift of cement to the Banca Intesa company

The megastructure will be in Milano Santa Giulia (born after the Zunino crash), which is also given 100,000 square meters to build new buildings


The allies divided in the Turin match

Sganga (M5S) “Too late for an agreement here But the Giallorosa serve ”The 5Stelle which could be the balance within the past is unmarked:“ You cannot do in 15 days what you have not wanted to do for months ”. But the issue in Turin remains above all that, that is, a possible agreement between the Movement and the Democratic Party in

History. Contests & cash

“Money for a place at the Colle”: the trial of the former official

The secret investigation that shook the presidency of the Republic


Refugees, Greece doesn’t give a damn

One year after the burning of Moria, Athens took EU funds. But the new field is not ready yet

I previous. Cdm and classroom

From reopening to magistrates: the 8 no of the Carroccio

To those who ask him what these tears will lead to in the majority, Matteo Salvini replies as follows: “Don’t worry, Draghi doesn’t fall anyway”. A file security from the context, the blank semester in which the President of the Republic cannot dissolve the Chambers, which in a few days has turned into the “strategy of attrition”, advance they call it

Stunning process ever. Illegitimate impediment

Salvini, Galliani and Ibra: he is ill only for the judges

There are two Silvio Berlusconi. The first is a man on the eve of his 85th birthday (which he will celebrate on September 29), with the after-effects of Covid aggravating his ancient heart ailments. All this often obliges him to attend doctors and hospitals, with a preference for the San Raffaele in Milan and its doctor

COVID-19. New rule: no suspensions, prizes skip

Notice to ASL directors: “Who tolerates No Vax risks ”

Two new regulations should strengthen the rather cumbersome device that governs the vaccination obligation for healthcare professionals. The first foresees that those who are not vaccinated cannot join the professional associations, the second wait on a lot of pressure on the directors of the local health authorities. It is in fact up to them, in scandalous to the reports of the Regions, to ascertain

The covid of others

Green, “sanitary” or “3G”: in Europe (but not in Spain) the Glide

Certificate. UK, Germany and France will extend the obligation. Madrid in contrast

Cartabia. Boralevi confuses prescription and inadmissibility. And Gratteri horrifies

Let’s put in the pannidi an average viewer tuned to La7 to watch the latest episode of Dimartedì. Will he have understood something of the Cartabia reform by listening to the specious questions of Alessandro Barbano and Pietro Senaldi and the piqued answers of Nicola Gratteri? We doubt it. And our doubts increase when we remember the writer Antonella Boralevi confusing the prescription with the

The controversy

Massacres archive, De Pasquale exauthored

‘He praised Rauti’. Draghi sees the relatives of the victims: the scholar will not supervise the desecretation

Wages down by 30%

Ita, negotiation breaks with trade unions: only 2,800 hired

No agreement between Ita and the trade unions on the hiring of former Alitalia workers. The president of the public company Ita, Alfredo Altavilla, has decided to go straight on his way: he will select the workforce for the company, which will take over 52 planes from Alitalia and start flying on October 15 with 2,800 employees (out of the 11,000 currently in

Minister Orlando

Employment centers to be strengthened: 7 Regions are 0

An employment plan aimed at at least 3 million people, by 2025, whether they are unemployed, women, young Neet or even citizenship income earners. Labor Minister Andrea Orlando explained to the social partners the main points of the reform of active policies, including the necessary strengthening of the Employment Centers.


Bucci gives the police lasso guns “to catch runaway thieves”. China uses them

From the pasdaran of the former Iranian president Ahmadinejad to the brigades on patrol in the alleys of Genoa, industrial is industrial, especially when it comes to weapons. The Ligurian Municipality has started experimenting with the Bolawrap, a lasso gun that a dozen traffic police in the coming months will be able to use for tso, assaults or fleeing criminals. Experimentation, he specified

Battle Minister

Smartworking, in the Brunetta Room back on the barricades: “Dear 5S, you are the Luddites”

Brunetta is like this: he wants to be friendly and moderate, but inside he has a rebellious charge and if he has to beat his hands he does not hold back. Yesterday, speaking in the Chamber at the set apart a matter to time, he took the weight off and reiterated what he thinks of agile work: a waste of time, “a home job

Amara minutes. Davigo’s former secretary risks trial

The risks of a trial increase for Marcella Contrafatto, the former secretary of the CSM of Piercamillo Davigo, under investigation in Rome for slander: it would be she who delivered, anonymously, to the Fact and the Republic the secret reports of Piero Amara, the former external Eni lawyer who, two years ago, had told the Milanese prosecutors about a


Talib, the new government only liked Qatar

There is a lot of prudence, indeed mistrust, around the new Afghan government, the announcement of the formation of which has reserved numerous surprises for Western intelligence, without, however, satisfying either China or Russia. By emphasizing the provisional character of the executive and the duration in-between of some appointments, the Taliban perhaps wanted to suggest that the game is not all done and leave the door.


“Abortion is no longer a crime”

Judgment. Judges are more sensitive than their American neighbors in Texas

Hong Kong

Tienanmen remains a taboo: anyone who remembers it ends up in jail

The Hong Kong Police Department of Homeland Security yesterday arrested four members of the knowledgeable democracy Hong Kong Alliance group in Improve of Patriotic Democratic Movements, which every year organizes the commemoration of the victims of the Chinese repression of June 1989, with which the Chinese army suffocated the protest movement in blood

Documentary. Dedicated to the director

How much was “Django” Corbucci

Tarantino: “A master”

Bookshelf. Robin

The eye of Dumas on the loves, adventures and life of the House of Savoy

Biblioteca del Vascello republishes a novel by the French writer published since 1852 in the “Gazzetta del Popolo”. Where true story and fiction intertwine

In competition . It cost 13 million euros

All the superpowers of “Freaks out” to beat Sorrentino in the race Oscar

The spaghetti myth is served. Venezia 78 welcomes Gabriele Mainetti’s long-awaited Freaks Out to the Competition, which after “production hurdles, twenty-six weeks instead of the twelve planned shootings, a pandemic and four months of mixing” will also arrive in cinemas from 28 October. Written by Nicola Guaglianone advance the precedent They called him Jeeg Robotic, follows in

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