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Newspapers consider extension of the certificate requirement to be appropriate |  DietDF thumbnail
Bundesrat Alain Berset spricht waehrend einer Medienkonferenz ueber die neusten Entscheide des Bundesrates zur Coronavirus-Pandemie, am Mittwoch, 25. August 2021, in Bern. (KEYSTONE/Anthony Anex)
Federal Councilor Alain Berset speaks during a media conference on August 25, 2021 about the current corona decisions of the Federal Council.

Image: Keystone

«High time “, “at last!” and «why only now?»: The commentators in the Swiss newspapers have a unanimous opinion on the planned tightening of the certification requirement.

Swiss newspaper commentators unanimously consider the expansion of the Covid certificate planned by the Federal Council to be justifiable. That was better than renewed area-wide closings of restaurants, fitness centers and cultural establishments, was the tenor.

An expanded certificate requirement is “It’s high time”, said the commentator in “Blick” (Thursday edition). Switzerland is in the fourth wave of corona, the hospitals are again threatened with overload. “In view of this, it is hardly too much to ask to show the Corona passport when you want to eat out or go to the cinema.” For half of the people in the country this is not a train anyway, they are vaccinated and can simply show the certificate.

It sounded similar in «Southeastern Switzerland». “Finally!” Welcomed the Federal Council’s proposal. For the commentator, the possible measure comes late in direct comparison with the neighboring countries, but for him there is no difference. “Those who still resist it and continue to allow the pandemic space and time are heading towards mandatory vaccination.”

Only with a Covid certificate in the restaurant, cinema or fitness center: See you on Monday the Federal Council will determine the support for a national certificate solution from the cantons and social partners. (Icon image)


“What else should you do?”

“What else should you do? », Asked the commentator in the« Bieler Tagblatt ». It has been shown that the mere reference to personal responsibility simply does not work for Switzerland to get the Corona Train under control. The new measures should only come into force in a few weeks – the latest appearance of the Federal Council is therefore «one last shot across the bow».

The commentator from CH-Media welcomed the announcement by the Federal Council, but accused the federal government of having missed the preparations. “Why now?” Many experts have warned of an increase in the number of cases. “It is part of the essence of preparation that you tackle it at an early stage.” He also pointed to the division of society: With a certificate requirement and paid exams, the less well-heeled vaccine skeptics would be excluded from social life.

“‘Two-class society’ better than shutdown”

The “Neue Zürcher Zeitung »prefers a« two-tier society »to another shutdown. The government should not protect individual citizens from being infected with the corona virus against their will, but it must act as soon as the health care system is threatened with overload. It is no longer about protecting the unvaccinated, but about keeping access to the hospitals open for everyone.

The vaccination decision is a personal matter that actually does not concern the state, it said in the comment. However, that does not mean that a decision against a vaccination or a Covid test should not have any negative consequences. Those who were vaccinated, recovered or tested negative showed a significantly lower risk of infecting themselves or others.

More awareness-raising

Restricting access to restaurants and cinemas is a burden on society, the comment in « Tages-Anzeiger »a. But the alternatives would be even grimmer, the paper wrote. The stability of health care is at stake.

The «Tagi» commentator also complained about «insufficient public relations work». This is an important reason why Switzerland has a low corona vaccination rate of 56 percent. “Many unvaccinated people are not dogmatists. Moreover, you have to approach them actively, with facts and arguments. ”

The Federal Council announced on Wednesday that it would be in the fight to check against the pandemic whether the Covid certificate should be used throughout Switzerland for almost all cultural and leisure activities. Access to restaurants, fitness centers and swimming pools would then only be given to those who have been vaccinated, recovered or those who tested negative. After the consultation with the cantons and social partners, which will last until Monday, the Federal Council will decide whether and if so when the new rules should come into force.


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