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New rules loom: Became as soon as you have to be aware of in the gym from autumn | DietDF

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New rules loom: Became as soon as you have to be aware of in the gym from autumn |  DietDF thumbnail

The good news first: there shouldn’t be a hard lockdown in autumn and winter. The bad news: the mask requirement and minimum intervals will remain in place until at least spring 2022.

At the same time, nationwide verification and testing is to be introduced – almost everywhere.

FIT FOR FUN says, turned into as soon as means a test and verification requirement for your workout in the gym or for club sports.

Became as soon as does the obligation to provide proof of your workout?

An obligation to provide proof in the fitness studio or in the EMS studio means that every customer has to prove himself before the treatment . If your soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey or sports club trains inside, this test and verification requirement may also apply there.

In principle, you have to be able to prove that you have been tested, recovered or vaccinated. Of course, this regulation already applies in many federal states. Including in Hamburg, for example. But now the regulation is to apply nationwide.

Many federal states had gradually abolished the obligation to test and provide evidence as the incidence fell. In Bavaria, for example, you only need a fixed appointment and have to provide your contact details in advance.

The Federal Ministry of Health will be tackling this patchwork quilt from autumn.

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No free citizen test from mid-October!

You can get a rapid antigen test today in the pharmacy, at the doctor or in the test centers.

These so-called citizen tests are free, but should cost money from mid-October. Possibly only German citizens who cannot receive a vaccination for health reasons or due to age, for example.

Have you always asked yourself, turned into as soon as happens to your body when you go for a walk every day? We have put together the answer for you here:

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Which documents do I need in the fitness studio?

According to the draft law, the obligation to provide evidence and test should apply to all closed rooms. The Federal Ministry of Health apparently wants to prevent an increasing spread of the delta variant in autumn and winter.

If you have not been vaccinated and have not recovered

You will need a negative rapid antigen test if you have not been vaccinated or have not recovered. You will usually receive your negative test result by email. You can also save the form in the CovPass app and in the Corona warning app. advises you: Always keep the apps up to date. Use the app and the Corona warning app to the full.

If you are vaccinated

Who is vaccinated, will need a vaccination certificate or the yellow vaccination certificate from autumn. These documents must show a fully completed corona vaccination. This usually takes place after the second vaccination.

If you have received the vector vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, you will be “fully vaccinated” after a single vaccination and 14 days after the vaccination appointment. Those who have already tested positive for the coronavirus also usually only receive one vaccination and are then considered “fully vaccinated”.

It is much easier if you save your vaccination digitally on your smartphone. This is possible via the CovPass app or the Corona warning app. You can find out more about this from our colleagues from FOCUS Online.

Open the app and then scan the QR code printed on the vaccination certificate with the activated camera. If you have not received a vaccination certificate with a QR code, you can have the QR code created at the pharmacy or your family doctor.

if you have recovered

If a positive Corona-PCR test was at least 28 days and a maximum of six months ago, you are “recovered”. Then you need the proof issued by the laboratory or family doctor. It must contain your name, the date of the positive PCR test result, the test procedure and the contact details of the laboratory Store the Corona warning app or the CovPass app. For this purpose, a QR code is created in the pharmacy, which you can then scan with your smartphone. The code is valid for a total of six months after the positive test.

How are controls carried out in the fitness studio?

However, concrete specifications are still missing. However, it could be that companies have to check the evidence manually.

Employees then usually go through the documents. It is also possible that guests always need a mandatory reservation. Many gyms have admission tickets. It is possible that vaccination and recovery certificates can also be stored in the respective profiles. You should inquire in good time.

The ideas are still suggestions. The Bundestag and the Bundesrat still have to approve these rules. This should take place at the latest after the Prime Minister’s Conference on August 10th.

Digital solutions could also be implemented. Then, for example, the interior most scans the QR code with the smartphone. This allows the employees to see whether the guests have valid certificates.

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