Juventus – Zenit 4 to 2, Dybala leads the reaction of the bianconeri and takes Allegri to the knockout stages of the Champions League. But behind there is still dancing | DietDF

Juventus - Zenit 4 to 2, Dybala leads the reaction of the bianconeri and takes Allegri to the knockout stages of the Champions League.  But behind there is still dancing |  DietDF thumbnail

Winning and reaching full points in the group, taking the second round of Champions , is the best medicine for Juve after the league defeats. Four to two for Allegri’s men in Turin against Zenit San Petersburg , with the Juventus individualities that drag the bianconeri, but also with some flaws that confirm that the team has some limit in the management and that the solidity of the trademark cheerful until 2019 is not there all the way, or at least not yet.

Juve grand aggressive right from the top bars in a game evidently considered crucial by the bianconeri. Of course, the opponent is very modest , but on the other hand for a team that in three months lost to Empoli , Sassuolo and Verona it is important to show bite precisely in this type of competition. And the reward for the hungry attitude comes immediately: Dybala first catches a post, then from a corner kick he crushes a left foot that rebounds into the seven in the tenth minute.

But then that attitude is incomprehensibly less and one Zenit that offers few emotions if not the nostalgic suggestion of a Mostovoy in the field (not even a relative of that artist who also hurt Ancelotti’s Juve very badly with Celta) carves out space on the pitch and finds the lucky draw with an unsuitable deflected in seven by Bonucci. And once the initial enthusiasm is exhausted, the first half dangerously recalls the latest Juve outings: Morata evanescent and the search for a shot that unlocks it, exposing himself to the risk of restart and mockery.

But in the second half the bianconeri find again the aggressive verve : the soul of Juve is Dybala who tries, is damned, misses the penalty granted for a foul on Chiesa but the referee offers him the possibility of repeating for too many Russian players at home on the first serve, and then he makes no mistake and puts Juventus back in the lead. Then the bianconeri once again leave the field to the opponents, but this time only for a short time: McKennie makes the general tells by taking the crossbar, Chiesa with his typical action goes through in speed and achieves the 3 to 1. And abilities the right evening also to give a smile back to Morata , who in fact scores the 4 to 1, finding the goal after 40 days.

At the soft the goal of 4 to 2 of the Iranian Azmoun in another of the Juventus breaks, understandable however because a soft match and with the match now in his pocket. Okay, very well, even if the breaks that the team takes are to be filed, and that maybe with Zenit they are painless but already against Serie A provincials, no. Inspire find solidity: sometimes behind we dance even on not very dangerous situations and above all at times the concentration seems to diminish. was one of the winning weapons of the first cycle of Allegri, that tendency not to give up an inch which then according to the Juventus supporters would have failed with Sarri and Pirlo (and in particular in the Champions League). And also imagine ideas, solutions that are not Dybala’s rabbit in the hat or the initiatives of Cuadrado and Chiesa, but Allegri will not agree on this, you know: until 2019 he was right. And tonight as well, tomorrow we’ll see.

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