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Jungle Camp – Mark 2 Harald Glööckler unpacks his demons

By Verena Maria Dittrich 01/23/2022, 03:31 am

Harald talks about the fragments of his life, Jasmin about her relationship with Willi and Linda yells around the campfire. Janina is attacked by a nasty infectious disease. It’s so bad that her loose tongue escapes piquant most valuable parts via Dieter Bohlen. That’s how Mark 2 warfare in the South African jungle.

Everyone has their baggage to carry, but sometimes there are things in life that are so burdensome that you lock them in a box and throw away the key. It’s only mark 2 in the jungle camp, but Harald Glööckler has long understood that this place is not a place where charades are played. “We have to take off the mask,” he says to Anouschka Renzi and admits to being grateful to finally unpack his demons. The camp is an opportunity for him to get out and get rid of “the mental horrors” of his childhood. Disclose, often beaten by her violent father, died as a result of domestic violence when Harald was 13 years old. “Then I look back and there are only shards.”

jungle camp

And that’s how the presence of this man feels right now, because of his shrill Optics one likes to joke, but who, and this has revealed this second mark, is a sensitive, “loyal, faithful” person on the inside. He has been in a relationship with his companion for 35 years, whose depression puts the relationship to a severe test. And that is the disgusting thing about this disease: that it incorporates everything life-affirming and even darkens the mind of the relatives.

“Tick fever” and a cutting table

Mark 2 in the jungle is not only a mark for addressing emotional wounds so that they can heal, but also one where the “Konfro” around the campfire is introduced. Chef Linda finds rice and beans in one pot and not separately. Your fuse immediately catches fire. Worst yelling, everything that tumbles out of her mouth is extremely uncomfortable. Just like the fact that Janina’s ex-boss first fired her because he caught her red-handed with “Pop-Titan” “on the cutting table” and then went to the press to sell the story. And while men in this society are considered the “pikes”, according to Renzi, women are still labeled as “sluts”.

At least for Janina, who never wants to be called “carpet slut” again, Mark 2 in the camp is also one that feels unfair. During the night she was bitten by a tick, some kind of bloodthirsty monster weighing seven kilos. Since then she has been plagued by “tick fever”. dr Although Bob certifies that she is sunburned, this tick fever is really very clever and the chameleon among infectious diseases. It kind of adapts: midday sunburn, afternoon Starvation, in the evening it disguises itself as a charged campfire nagging, but basically it’s just the nasty fever all the time.

You can already hear it on every company floor: ‘Hello, come on! Please finish the tasks that were left undone today!’ ‘No, boss, it doesn’t work! I have tick fever.’ Note: Tick fever is really not to be trifled with.

Thoughts of Willi and four stars for Anouschka

Nor does that with widows using the jungle to talk about their dead husbands. Entire Trash TV Germany still remembers the catchy sentences of the Büchner widow “Danni”: “My husband, my husband, my husband, my husband”.

Verena Maria Dittrich.jpegVerena Maria Dittrich.jpeg

One wonders a little why Jasmin Herren is telling her Willi story so early by the crackling of the campfire. But maybe she just wants to get rid of the fact that the two “never separated” and fooled everyone while they planned to elope. And while Linda suddenly says: “Don’t talk shit,” says Jasmin, who will soon be on tour and would like to sing a Willi ballad: “I’m just here to make a new start.”

Anouschka seems to be planning to do that too. At least she’s made up her mind not to whine anymore. Jasmin had accused her of “no bite” and she herself had to admit that she had completely “underestimated” the jungle camp. All that noise, the fire, the lack of sleep! And so, in one of the toughest tests of all, she shows that she has a fighting spirit. Into the cage and off under the water, where she gets hold of four stands in the “Aqualium” without even grumbling.

And changed into once warfare otherwise going on?

Tara, world star from Austria, suspiciously lolls around on the edge of Filip’s bed and Harald reports that he has never come out and has even kissed women before. His message to all young men: “Live your life!” While some give the impression that they are already sitting on a powder keg, Pavlovic predicts that most camp inmates are “obsessed with the crown.” It is important to get rid of competitors as quickly as possible and always pay attention to how you are received on the outside. But everyone is who they are. One sympathetic, the other “overwhelmed”. At least we’ve found a culprit after Mark 2 if one drops out in the future. I don’t warfare that! It was warfare – tick fever!

For the jungle test: Linda and Janina have to.

“I I’m a celebrity – get me out of here!”: Daniel Hartwich and Sonja Zietlow lead through the show as usual until February 5th it is decided who will be king or queen of the jungle. The “big reunion” of all jungle stars will take place on February 6th. The Level to is also available on RTL+.

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