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In Italy 78,313 cases and 202 deaths with over 1 million swabs. 7.6% rate Lombardy: 28,795 infected File negative in Milan | DietDF

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In Italy 78,313 cases and 202 deaths with over 1 million swabs.  7.6% rate Lombardy: 28,795 infected File negative in Milan |  DietDF thumbnail

by Paola Caruso

Data for Tuesday 28 December. File of infections with epic swabs (over 1 million), never so many cases (more than 28 thousand in Lombardy) and tests since the beginning of the emergency, after the Christmas peak. The positivity rate is 7.6%. To see more than 200 victims, you have to go back to May 18th. Admissions: +366. Intensive care: +19

There are 78,313 the new cases of coronavirus in Italy (yesterday they are states 30,810, here the bulletin). Thus, the number of people who contracted the Sars-CoV-2 virus (including recovered and died) from beginning of the epidemic. The deaths today are 202 (yesterday there were 142), for a total of 136,955 victims since February 2020.

People recovered or discharged a total of 5,020,601 and 16,746 are those who emerged today from the Covid nightmare (yesterday 9,992) . The current positives – the subjects who have the virus – turn out to be in all 598.856 , equal to +61.352 compared to yesterday (+20.665 the day before).

Tampons and anxiousness

The total buffers (molecular and antigenic) were 1,034,677 , or 690,709 more than yesterday when there were 343,968. This is the epic of swabs : more than one million samples never processed (the previous highest figure was 969 thousand analyzes, dated December 25). While the positivity rate is 7.6% (the approximation of 7.568%); yesterday generation 8.9%. Here is the map of the contagion in Italy.

New epic of contagions in 24 hours with epic tampons: never so many since the beginning of the emergency. The “previous peak” of 54,762 newly infected, recorded on Christmas day, has been exceeded. And today is Tuesday. If the fluctuating curve behaves as it did in the past few weeks, it will continue to rise over the next few days, and then touch the “weekly high” between Friday and Saturday. “The Christmas effect on infections will be seen in the next few days,” says Fabio Ciciliano, a member of the CTS, recommending caution and rigor for the New Year. At the moment, there are 2.5 million Italians in isolation due to contacts with positives and for this reason the government is considering a reduction of the quarantine to avoid the “paralysis” of the country.

A regional level to have epic numbers as regards new infections are Lombardy, Veneto, Campania, Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta (details of all regions below). The largest number of newly infected is in Lombardy : here there are +28,795 cases thanks to 224,000 swabs (regional epic) with a rate of 12.8% (here the bulletin). Above 7,000 are: Piedmont which reports +7,933 cases with a rate of 11.1% calculated on 71,513 tests (here the bulletin), Veneto which identified +7,403 cases, also counting a recovery of positives in the past few days, with a 4.9% rate on 151,333 samples examined (here the bulletin) and Campania which reports +7,181 cases with a rate of 6.9% on 104,533 swabs.

The victims

The death toll is rising: 202 in the bulletin against 142 yesterday. This is the highest figure this month, exceeding 168 deaths on 23 December. To see over 200 people who have lost their lives – a similar number – you have to go back to May 18 (then 201 dead). Three regions / provinces with zero bereavement: Puglia, Molise and Valle d’Aosta. Attention: Lazio in the regional bulletin reported 19 deaths today, but from the difference in the totals found in the tables of the Ministry of Health (9,255 today minus 9,224 yesterday) they are 31. Followed by Veneto (29), Lombardy (28), Sicily (28 with previous history, as in the note).

The health system

The increase in hospitalizations continues in every voice. The beds occupied in the ordinary Covid wards are + 366 (yesterday +503), for a total of 10,089 hospitalized . The beds occupied in intensive care (TI) are + 19 (yesterday +37) – this is the balance between the people who left and those who entered IT -, bringing the total of the most seriously ill patients to 1,145 , with 119 admissions to resuscitation (yesterday 100).

Comparison with a year ago

A year ago, on December 28, 2020, the figures for hospitalizations and daily victims were very different: with 8,585 new cases there were 445 deaths.
At that time, in the Covid wards there were 23,932 hospitalized – now 10,000 – and 2,565 patients in intensive care – now less than half.
It is impossible to make a comparison between the percentages of positivity, as on January 15, 2021 this parameter changed with the introduction of antigen tests in the calculation.

The cases region by region

The data provided below, and broken down by region, is that of the total cases (number of people found sure since the beginning of the epidemic: consist of dead and healed). The variation indicates the number of new cases registered in the last 24 hours. Here is the table with the overall data provided by the Ministry of Health.

Lombardia 1,104,058: +28,795 cases (yesterday +5,065) with 224,557 swabs
Veneto 617.653: +7.403 cases (yesterday +2.816) with 151.333 swabs
Campania 547.381: +7.181 cases (yesterday +2.291) with 104.533 swabs
Emilia-Romagna 515.549: +3.427 cases (yesterday +3.482) with 50.745 swabs
Lazio 485.706: +4.288 cases (yesterday +2.933) with 89.957 swabs
Piedmont 462.082: +7.933 cases (yesterday +4.611) with 71.513 swabs
Sicily 359.315: +2.819 cases (yesterday + 2,087) with 50,332 swabs
Tuscany 341,579: +4,453 cases (yesterday +2,843) with 57,458 swabs
Puglia 296.265: +1.957 cases (yesterday +762) with 50.072 swabs
Friuli Venezia Giulia 149,812: +737 cases (yesterday +154) with 21,553 swabs
Liguria 143,225: +1,146 cases (yesterday +469) with 24,717 swabs
Marche 139,864: +1,098 cases (yesterday +309) with 13,171 swabs
Calabria 106.499: +1.091 cases (yesterday +484) with 11.469 swabs
PA Bolzano 99.022: +500 cases (yesterday +235) with 15.059 swabs
Abruzzo 97.712: +696 cases (yesterday +400) with 34,861 swabs
Sardinia 85,519: +455 cases (yesterday +466) with 16,376 swabs
Umbria 79.749: +2.717 cases (yesterday +935) with 25.790 swabs
PA Trento 59,519: +894 cases (yesterday +278) with 14,606 swabs
Basilicata 34.711: +446 cases (yesterday +88) with 2.631 swabs
Molise 15,875: +24 cases (yesterday +9) with 358 swabs
Aosta Valley 15,317: +253 cases (yesterday +93) with 3,586 tampons

I deaths region by region

The figure provided below, and broken down by region, is that of total deaths since the beginning of pandemic. The variation indicates the number of new deaths recorded in the last 24 hours.

Lombardy 34.980: +28 deaths (yesterday +12)
Veneto : +29 deaths (yesterday +24)
Campania 8,439: +18 deaths (yesterday +14)
Emilia-Romagna 14,176: +16 deaths (yesterday +14 )
Lazio 9,255: +31 deaths (yesterday +7)
Piedmont 12,023: +13 deaths (yesterday +13)
Sicily 7,475: +28 deaths (yesterday +20)
Tuscany 7,531: ​​+ 6 deaths (yesterday +9)
Puglia 6,955: no new deaths (yesterday +1)
Friuli Venezia Giulia 4,197: +4 deaths (yesterday +10)
Liguria 4,567: +12 deaths (yesterday +2)
Marche 3,224: +4 deaths (yesterday +4)
Calabria 1,595: +4 deaths ( yesterday +8)
PA Bolzano 1,300: +2 deaths (yesterday no new deaths)
Abruzzo 2,631: + 1 death (yesterday +1)
Sardinia 1,722: +2 deaths (yesterday no new deaths)
Umbria 1,502: + 1 death (yesterday no new deaths)
PA Trento 1.420: +1 death (yesterday +3)
Basilicata 632: +2 deaths (yesterday no new deaths)
Molise 509: no new death from 23 December
Valle d’Aosta 487: no new deaths from 17 December

Here all the bulletins of 2021, here those of 2020. news of the day.

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The Abruzzo Region reports that 1 case of the past days has been eliminated as it is not Covid patient.

The Campania Region declares that following the daily checks, it appears that four deaths recorded today date back to a period between 22/12/2021 and 25/12/2021.

The Emilia Romagna Region reports that 8 cases, positive to antigen test but not confirmed by molecular swab, have been eliminated.

The Friuli Venezia Giulia Region declares that the total of positive cases was reduced by 4 following 2 antigenic tests not confirmed by subsequent molecular swabs and following 2 positive tests removed after revision of the cases.

The Region of Sicily reports that the deaths reported in today’s records date are attributable to the days: N. 1 IL 28/12/21 – N. 5 IL 27/12/21 – N. 13 ON 26/12/21 – N. 3 ON 25/12/21 – N. 5 ON 24/12/21 – N. 1 ON 08/12/21

The Region Veneto reports that part of the new positives relate to the recovery of positivity in the last week.

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