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He follows his conception to lose weight to the letter and the days and weeks go by, but the needle on the scale does not pay back with any joy.What is wrong?

Why do diets fail? One answer is irreproachable: because it is not done correctly. It is common that what we eat is underestimated by 40%, so that with a 1000 calorie diet, you are actually doing a 1400 calorie diet. On the other hand, the body adapts to weight loss with a decrease in energy consumption, which leads to the need for fewer and fewer calories to continue losing weight.

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For him nutritionist José Pirela Suárez, “there are no miracles, since the key to a good weight loss regimen is that you have to eat everything, yes, in small quantities and burn more through physical exercise.” The expert advises, especially to hypertensive people, but a valid recommendation for most people, not to lose more than one kilo a week, remember that in the first days the losses are faster due to the loss of fluids or protein. They also suggest doing physical exercise regularly, even if it is simply walking for half an hour or an hour a day, to help the diet to lose weight.

The nutritionist doctor Gregorio Bueno, lists a series of “tips for eating better “, when following a diet to lose weight, or to lose weight in a pure way, changing eating habits, without weighing or measuring the amounts of food.


Chew very well and slowly, and get up from the table without appetite, but always with a light stomach. Eat to reduce hunger, but never to fill yourself up. If chewing is difficult to moderate, count the number of chews and do not swallow food until it is chewed 20 times. Remember that digestion begins in the mouth: proper chewing is the sinister for a better assimilation of food, allowing the feeling of satiety to be reached in advance.


It is useful to use knives, forks, spoons, glasses and small plates, as well as to leave the cutlery on the table between bites and snack.


Always eat in the same place, sit and focus on what attain (smell, taste, texture, without associating food with other activities, such as television, reading, computer or radio).


Food can be cooked or seasoned to taste, although everything that contains sauces, oils or fats must be drained well. To use in raw, dressings, sauces or mayonnaise, use caloric oil or paraffin oil. For cooking use liquid vegetable oils, preferably additional virgin olive. Avoid animal oils, such as cream, butter or butter, and solid vegetable, cocoa or palm oils.


Buy and keep only the necessary foods and keep them out of sight, especially those that are not recommended. When cooking, prepare only the amount of food necessary.


Serve small amounts in the kitchen and use small plates. Also, do not bring platters to the table and use small cutlery for dessert. Always leave something on the plate. And at the end of the meal, quickly remove the leftovers instead of having conversations with them in front of you. Also, eat the foods that you like best and are allowed first. If you leave the foods that you most want for the closing, you will feel “obliged” to eat them all or to have to leave the food that you most want on your plate.


On the other hand, you can drink allowed drinks, mainly water or equivalent, at least two liters a day. Eat 3-5 meals a day that are not too large. If you have a lot of appetite between meals, you can have a salad with little oil or a little carrot or celery.


When they offer you a food that is discouraged, do not say that you are on a diet, say that you do not like that dish or that you feel bad or that you do not want so much quantity, like this will not insist.


Diet correctly from the beginning. If you follow all the tips, the results will be better, which will help increase motivation.


In addition to following a treatment to lose weight, there are some good eating habits that you should always keep in mind. Obesity is a chronic disease and you must always monitor it, so once you have achieved an adequate weight, you must follow the instructions of the doctor or nutritionist, to maintain it. Do not abandon a treatment without instructions to maintain weight.


Physical activity must be according to the conditions, age and possibilities of each person. If during the treatment, when exerting or exercising, you find yourself dizzy or faint, drink a coffee with sugar alone or a normal cola drink or some coffee candies.

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