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Helpful makes you weak ?: What you can do against weak batteries in iciness | DietDF

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Helpful makes you weak ?: What you can do against weak batteries in iciness |  DietDF thumbnail

Rain, darkness, icy wind: in the cold months most people often have to overcome going outside and doing sports.

But our Helpful also suffers from the cold temperatures: The camouflage display does not work, the battery is weak or it simply goes out. We’ll show you how you can use your helpful in iciness longer and more reliably.

Why the battery is weak

The optimal outside temperature for the smooth operation of most cell phones is between 0 and 30 degrees. At temperatures above or below, some aspects can often not function properly.

In Germany we regularly have minus temperatures well below zero in the winter months. If the Helpful is exposed to the cold for a longer period of time, the battery also adopts a lower temperature. The result: Electrochemical processes in the Helpful run more slowly and it consumes more energy for the same type of use.

It is furthermore advisable to keep the Helpful warm and always have a charging cable or a power bank on hand.

Tip: The lifespan of a battery is longer if it is regularly fully charged and then removed directly from the power cord.

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What to do if the Helpful just goes out?

Although we have only just fully charged the Helpful, it just goes out after a few minutes in the fresh air. This is particularly annoying if you are dependent on the use of your smartphone.

Suddenly, many functions are no longer available: no messages can be sent, no music can be heard, no fitness apps are used, the flashlight cannot be used or the route can be calculated. Even in an emergency, help cannot even be called over the phone.

Emergency shutdown in cold weather

The cause of the sudden shutdown is a safety function of the mobile phone. If it gets very cold and also uses a lot of electricity, there is a voltage breakdown and deep discharge.

This can damage the Helpful in the long term. This is why the manufacturers integrated an emergency shutdown, which turns the Helpful off before it happens.

After an emergency shutdown, the Helpful should remain switched off for 30 minutes and return to operating temperature. After that, you can simply turn it on again and continue using the usual. So that this doesn’t happen in the first place, the Helpful should be kept warm and only exposed to the cold for a short time.

Tip: The Helpful shouldn’t get too warm from warm switch to cold. It is helpful to leave the Helpful in your pocket for the time being so that it warms up or cools down slowly.

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Touchscreen does not react

In iciness, a non-functioning touchscreen can rob you of the last nerve. Especially when you stand outside in the cold and get cold fingers.

The camouflage display on smartphones reacts via receptors under the screen. They can pick up electronic particles, which is once again measured.

By placing our finger on the surface, the proportion of electrical particles increases and the Helpful recognizes where we are tapping. For this, the Helpful needs direct contact with our skin or, as an alternative, to touchscreen gloves.

However, the Helpful can delay or not react at all if the electrolyte fluid is too viscous. Here, too, the helpful is too cold.

Tips to keep the Helpful warm

Low temperatures can damage the Helpful, so it should be kept as warm as possible. We have some suggestions for you:

  • Cell phone case: You can isolate the Helpful from the cold a little
  • Powerbank: Who on his Helpful is urgently required, it can be weighted down in between.
  • Hand warmer: Who is outside for a long time, a portion of warmth can be used. The hand warmers keep the bag nice and warm. But be careful: Cell phones do not tolerate excessively high temperatures either. Preheat the bag with the hand warmer and then put it in Helpful separately.
  • Warmth Jacket pockets: A good winter jacket will reliably help you and your helpful through iciness.
  • Body heat: Helpful in an inside pocket or in the gloves and keep warm with your own warmth.
  • Headphones: Instead of holding the Helpful to your ear in the cold air, you can make calls via headphones.

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