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Glee at Pop-Titan? Dieter Bohlen declares “super talent” quota low | DietDF

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Glee at Pop-Titan?  Dieter Bohlen declares “super talent” quota low |  DietDF thumbnail

Why are the ratings for Super Talent in the basement? “I have a lot of friends,” rumbles Dieter Bohlen on TikTok against the RTL Existing.

Cologne – No Dieter Bohlen (67), no “super talent”: This is the motto of some fans who have boycotted the show since it was kicked out by the controversial chief juror. And indeed – the boycott of some fans is noticeable in the audience ratings right from the start. There has never been a weaker start to the RTL program than in 2021 without Dieter Bohlen. Dieter Bohlen is now speaking on TikTok for the first time. The ex-juror finds an explanation for the quota low and rumbles against the casting show.

Fans boycott Supertalent because Dieter Bohlen was kicked out

Dieter Bohlen explains the falling super talent rates with: “I have many friends.”

© IMAGO / Revierfoto, TVNOW / Stefan Gregoworius

For 14 years (2007 to 2021) Dieter Bohlen sat on the executive chair at Supertalent. Among other things, he made the RTL casting show big, lured millions of viewers in front of the screens every year and ensured unforgettable moments with his sayings. But that time should be over after 14 years. RTL threw boards out ice cold. The reason: the broadcaster wants to break new ground with both DSDS and the super talent.

Even before the launch of “Das Supertalent”, it quickly became clear: With this decision, the broadcaster is taking a risky path. After all, fans threatened a boycott even before the broadcast. No wonder moreover that the consequences can now be seen (read now also at : “Put that down!”: Fans want the super talent without Dieter Bohlen Bohlen).

The ex-juror can now smile about this flop. After all, the music producer is currently enjoying his life with Ms. Carina and is busy with TikTok videos most of the time. No trace of boredom or sadness. He much prefers to watch “Das Supertalent” go down the drain. He now finds his own explanation for this.

“I have many friends” Dieter Bohlen with a provocative saying against super talent

A fan on TikTok asks him: “Dieter, how come the ratings for the super talent are in the basement?” But nobody would have expected Dieter Bohlen’s answer – so writes the former TV star: “Because I have a lot of friends.”

Dieter Bohlen answers a fan on TikTok to his question, why the super talent ratings are falling

© TikTok Dieter Bohlen

The connection between his friends and the falling odds of Super Talent explained the 67-year-old didn’t go any further. It is possible that Bohlen instigated his friends to boycott the show or that the frustrated Dieter is speaking out of him. One thing is certain at this point: Dieter does not seem to have made peace with RTL and the program and does not plan to do so in the near future. Rather, Dieter still reacts offended and snapped (read also at : Mysterious Instagram put up: Will Dieter Bohlen go back to the super talent?). is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

List of rubric lists: © IMAGO / Revierfoto, TVNOW / Stefan Gregoworius

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