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Fits the diet of King Linda bacon DietDF

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Fits the diet of King Linda bacon  DietDF thumbnail

The singer has absorbed her passion for bacon in breast milk, and she refuses to give up her pet even when she is on a diet.

The singer’s passion for bacon was absorbed in breast milk, and she refused to give up her pet even when she was on a diet.

King Linda, who was born in America and spent part of her childhood there, is not accidentally passionate about this delicacy. I use bacon for almost everything.

When I cook a vegetable dish like brussels sprouts, I also sprinkle it with bacon, but I don’t think it’s a miracle since I grew up on that. For us, American bacon pancakes with maple syrup are almost a basic dish back home. They also looked at me strangely when we moved to Hungary when I was 17, why I eat bacon in both sweet and salty versions. Then it was a new world at home, but it was completely natural for me ” – said King Linda, who also revealed that besides chocolate and coffee, bacon is her biggest favorite.

Bacon also fits well into the ketogenic diet

This is really the American dream, plus a lot can be achieved with a meal using bacon. For example, if you want your child to eat the vegetables, you put bacon next to it. It’s that simple. I love the way it crunches, that pleasant smoky taste, unmatched by anything. Last time, a friend of mine asked me to cook something but one that would fit into your diet as well. I made chicken, but under my skin, I put mushrooms, cheese and of course bacon as a filling. If we take the ketogenic diet, it is also perfect for a weight loss menu, I usually use it myself ” – said the singer with a smile. Linda also revealed one of her favorite and quick-cooked breakfasts: avocado boat with bacon. “I take the seeds out of the avocado, I punch an egg in the recess, I season it with salt and pepper, you drop lime on it, one can come on top of the bacon. 15 minutes in the oven and the sizzling breakfast is ready. ”

Róbert Kárász cooks twice more as you throw away the food

I’m not as professional in the kitchen as Linda, but I’ll invent myself. It’s very important to me that what I cook is not just healthy , but also economical. I hear a lot, we talk a lot about food waste and I try to be aware of this as much as possible. When I cook with one of my daughters, I tend to tell them to cut or risk only as much as we can definitely eat so we don’t have to throw it out ” – the presenter revealed a small excerpt from his cooking awareness. Based on the experience of Tamási-Hús Kft., The market leader in the field of bacon production, consumers are increasingly looking for products that can be prepared for consumption quickly and at home. This is how the product specialty named American Streaky William Maxwell Aitken first appeared in Hungary. This category is still a novelty in Hungary, but the company already supplies sliced ​​fried bacon from Great Britain to the Scandinavian markets.

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