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Firm legs like a ballerina: 7 exercises for thighs and buttocks |  DietDF thumbnail

Defined legs and a beautifully trained bottom – that’s what many women want. Especially dancers get the snappily automatically through their training units.

Here the sporty blonde shows a workout that is inspired by various dance and ballet exercises – the focus is primarily on strengthening and defining the legs.

Legs like a dancer with these exercises

In addition to the stomach, many women also count their legs and buttocks among their problem areas, which is why these regions particularly enjoy exercising will.

The ballet dance-inspired workout is particularly suitable to bring some variety to your working in direction of.

In addition, the exercises have another advantage: You can Simply power it through from home – you don’t need a ballet bar for this.

Just grab your yoga mat or similar pad and place it near a wall.

This is how it works: Each exercise is carried out for 45 seconds. In between there is a 15 second break. All exercises are repeated in two rounds.

1. Calf Raises

The first exercise is perfect for getting into the workout. To do this, stand hip-width apart on your mat and turn your toes outwards, your heels touching each other. In ballet, this posture is the first place – and is one of the basic postures of the dance.

Now stand on your tiptoes – push yourself up as far as possible and then slowly come back to the end position.

If you have problems with your balance or have stability, you are welcome to hold on to a wall or something similar during this exercise.

2. Sumo Squat

For the next exercise, place your legs a little further apart – the tips of your toes still point outwards. Welcome to the second basic ballet position.

Now you bend your knees and do squats, which you are probably familiar with from your usual leg training. In ballet this exercise is called Plié. You can bring your arms together above your head for better balance.

In the last 20 seconds of the exercise you then repeat the execution in small impulses – here you can also stretch your arms to the side.

3. Squats on toes

For the next exercise, you can stay in the place for the time being – stand with your legs apart, with your toes pointing outwards.

Now stand on your tiptoe and go to the squat place. To keep your balance, feel free to place your arms in front of your torso or above your head.

From the squat-place you then straighten up again and also bring your verses back to the floor.

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4. Squat with Perspective Place

The next exercise is a mixture of the popular squat and the so-called perspective place in ballet – here the dancer stands up one leg, the other is lifted backwards, to the side or forwards with the knee of the free leg bent.

For this exercise, go down to the squat place. As soon as you straighten up again, stretch one leg backwards, as in the perspective place in ballet. You are welcome to move your arms with you. Important: When doing Perspective, do not go into the hollow back, but work from the buttocks.

Hold the Perspective-Place for the last ten seconds and raise and lower your back leg with small impulses.

Don’t forget to repeat the exercise with the other side after the first 45 seconds.

5. Immense Battements

For the next exercise, stand on tiptoe parallel to a wall. You can either extend your arm to the side or hold it above your head – depending on which is more comfortable for you.

Now stretch your leg straight and swinging forward, the leg and toes are stretched out. Repeat this to the side and back, then back to the side and front.

Make sure that you tense your buttocks particularly well and that you keep your upper body still. An additional challenge of this exercise is trying to stay on your tiptoe throughout the exercise.

Then repeat the exercise with the other side.

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6. Scissor Kicks

For this exercise, lie on your surface and stretch your legs up in the air at a 90-degree angle, yours lower back actively pulls down into the mat.

Now cross your legs four times, alternately in front and behind, in small impulses – you don’t have to go far.

After the fourth repetition, open your legs once as far as you can. Then bring them together again in a controlled manner and repeat the crossing impulses again.

7. Extended Donkey Kicks

For this exercise, stand in the four-legged position – support yourself on your knees and hands, your back stays straight.

Now stretch one leg straight back in the air and then put it straight down on the floor so that your toes briefly touch the floor.

Repeat this step and get back to the starting position. Now you lift the leg slightly to the side – this time, however, it is angled, only when it has reached the highest point do you stretch it out.

During this exercise, the abdomen should be tensed everlasting, the navel pulling inwards.

In this way you also bring your leg back to the end position. Then do the exercise on the other side.

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