Fedez, Rai will not sue the singer for the “Concertone case”: here are the reasons behind the entrance | DietDF

Fedez, Rai will not sue the singer for the "Concertone case": here are the reasons behind the entrance |  DietDF thumbnail

At excellent-making an strive the Rai not will sue Fedez . According to Adnkronos , the company has in fact decided not to proceed against the Milanese rapper in relation to the events of the May Day Concert , when the artist had accused the company of trying to censor his monologue and to want to submit advert “ political approval “. A choice, explains the press agency, citing qualified sources, which derives from the lack of certain requisites necessary to follow up on the legal action announced a few months ago. Also from here, according to Adnkronos, the choice of Fabio Fazio to invite the singer on 2 October to the first episode of the program Che Tempo Che Fa on Rai 3 attain guest.

On May 24, 2021, Rai announced its intention to file a complaint against Fedez, Federico Maria Lucia, his real name, for ” the unlawful dissemination “ of the audio of the phone call with the top management of Rai3 and for aggravated defamation against” the company and one of its employees “. “I am very proud of what I did, I would do it again a thousand times. I face the consequences, ”the singer replied. The controversy arose after the harsh words pronounced by the musician on the stage of the event scheduled for the Labor Day : on that occasion, Fedez had in fact lashed out at the broadcaster claiming there had been an attempt by the top management to force him to change his speech in which he defended ddl Zan and reported homophobic statements by members of the League . A thesis that the artist himself had supported by spreading the audio of a phone call , which took place a few hours after his performance, with the top management of Rai3.

“Ops”. So Fedez commented yesterday on Twitter the news about Rai’s decision to desist from legal action against him, attaching at the exclamation the image of a little man raising his arms. But the musician also dedicated several tales to the news on Instagram, in which he recalled “the three clowns” sent to the Supervisory Board Rai after the bicameral’s decision not to listen to him in the Commission.

After the company’s decision, Federico Mollicone , Head of Culture of Fratelli d’Italia and member of the Rai Supervisory Commission, announced a question to “understand the reason why the public company has decided not to proceed against Fedez”.

Five months after the outbreak of the controversy, the rapper will return to Rai right on the third public service network: Sunday 3 October will in fact be the guest of Che tempo che fa . “We will have Orietta Berti , the queen of the summer, with Fedez and Achille Lauro : they will sing ‘Mille’, the last remnant of summer sun ”, Fabio Fazio announced to the weekly Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni . In recent weeks, the absence of Chiara Ferragni’s husband at the “Seat Music Awards” had made us think of a hard line in Viale Mazzini but later it was discovered that the artist had received the invitation. A change of course also resulting from the replacement of the previous CEO, Fabrizio Salini, with Carlo Fuortes as a result of the installation of the Draghi government.

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