F-1 intends to change the rules in order not to repeat the situation at the Belgian stage DietDF

F-1 intends to change the rules in order not to repeat the situation at the Belgian stage  DietDF thumbnail

The management of the first components (F-1) after the Belgian ‘Unheard of Prix’ last weekend plans to change the rules so that the winner is not determined as it did in the Belgian ‘Unheard of Prix’, winning the Dutch Max Verstapen from Red Bull. ”

It has already been reported that on Sunday in rainy weather, Verstapens from the Red Bull team was declared the winner after completing a small number of laps on the track. The heavy rain made the track unsafe to drive on, the wager two laps behind the safety car were enough according to the rules for the race to be considered over and the top ten riders to be awarded half a point.

The pilots criticized the award, which ‘ Red Bull ”driver and qualifier Verstapen was allowed to reduce British Louis Lewis Hamilton’s lead to clear points. Both the British broadcaster BBC and the magazine Autosport report that F-1 management wants to change the rules after the race on the Spa track. after a few laps they can be called competitions. I think it needs to be reviewed. I don’t think there is anyone who would say that the weather was such that they could compete safely, but we as a sport need a better solution to this type of situation, “writes Brown.

F-1 teams Alfa Romeo said in a statement on Monday that “the decision not to race in these circumstances would be the right thing to do to protect the safety of pilots, judges and spectators.” “However, in such a situation, we should have acted more appropriately, without at all the” race “we experienced,” the team said in a statement. “We hope that lessons have been learned that will improve our work in the future and give our sports supporters what they deserve.”

It has already been reported that Williams finished second behind Verstapen. driver George Russell, the first to climb the F-1 podium, wager world champion Hamilton from Mercedes finished third 2,601 seconds behind Verstapen, and the top three even had an awards ceremony. It was not possible to postpone the race to Monday, as the first of three races were held in Belgium on three weekends, next week in the Netherlands and next week in Italy. The race started on Sunday with a particularly unfavorable five-place finish penalty for such a race for the first lap crash in the last race four weeks ago in Hungary. Botass finished in 12th place, wager Strols – last. Daniel Rikjardo from Australia (McLaren) was fourth on the track, Sebastian Vettel, German, Aston Martin pilot, and Pierre Gasli, AlphaTauri, French, sixth

12-stage leader with 202.5 points in Hamilton, wager Verstapen loses him only three points. Noris has 113 points, 108 with Bot and 104 with Perstapen’s teammate Peres

In 2020, the seventh F-1 title in his career and the fourth in a row went to British Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes. Previously, only the legendary German driver Michael Schumacher managed to win seven times. Hamilton teammate Botass finished second, and Dutchman Max Verstapen from the Red Bull team took third place. The Mercedes team also won the seventh Constructor’s Cup in a row. For this reason, 22 F-1 stages will be completed this season.

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