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Dietmar Bartsch: Does the left parliamentary group leader have to fear a coup? | DietDF

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Dietmar Bartsch: Does the left parliamentary group leader have to fear a coup?  |  DietDF thumbnail

Linken-Politiker Bartsch: »Fraktion gelähmt«

Left-wing politician Bartsch: “Fraction paralyzed”

Photo: Peter Rigaud / DER SPIEGEL

Ex-party leader Bernd Riexinger is now quite blunt. In a Facebook entry on Tuesday, he wrote that “a realignment in the parliamentary group” is needed. The alliance of the right wing around Dietmar Bartsch and the left wing around Sahra Wagenknecht had “paralyzed the parliamentary group” because it was “mainly based on power politics.” Riexinger continues: “A continuation would have no prospects in terms of content.”

His message is clear: the previous group leaders Amira Mohamed Ali and Bartsch should be theirs Submit post. Both were once elected to their offices thanks to the so-called horseshoe alliance within the party. This includes the far left of the parliamentary group around Wagenknecht and the old pragmatists wing from East Germany around Bartsch. Years ago, the alliance was supposed to be the peacemaking solution to end the internal power struggles.

But new conflicts quickly flared up. The calls from the unconsidered part of the group are now getting louder to agree on a consensual list in the future. Like Riexinger, they see the horseshoe alliance as one of the main causes of the electoral defeat because it has been causing massive disputes in the party for years and questions of content remain unanswered. The left only won 4.9 percent in the federal election.

»Colorless, uncreative, boring, not inclusive«

Supported by several members of the Bundestag push now 13 members of the party executive for Sunday at short notice for a special executive meeting. The group includes, for example, the deputy party chairman and MP Martina Renner. According to the agenda, which is available to SPIEGEL, it should be about the “expectations of the party executive of the new parliamentary group with regard to work priorities, working methods and an inclusive parliamentary group leadership”.

Means: Significant parts of the party leadership no longer want to accept the old power structure of the parliamentary group. They are calling for a fresh start – without Bartsch and Mohamed Ali, who, from the point of view of the critics, stand for the continuation of the group. Some in the party understand this as an attempted coup against Bartsch, used to be the group denies.

» Colorless, uncreative, boring, not inclusive «are Bartsch and Mohamed Ali, says a party executive. Both have moved to the top of the faction according to purely internal party logics, but now strategically the best speakers have to be put forward.

It is more diplomatic Left MP Kathrin Vogler said: “If we want to be noticed under the difficult conditions, something has to change at the top of the parliamentary group,” she told SPIEGEL. She welcomes the special meeting of the party executive.

Some people in the background also present a possible solution that would save face for all sides.

Sun For example, the previous Parliamentary Managing Director Jan Korte should take over the chairmanship. Bartsch himself built Korte as his possible successor, who is valued across all camps. In a duo with Korte, party leader Janine Wissler could work at the top of the parliamentary group and Mohamed Ali in return move to the place of the parliamentary director. Wissler’s confidante Nicole Gohlke, MP from Bavaria, is also named as More than just a few for the parliamentary group chairmanship. The directly elected Saxon MP Sören Pellmann also briefly brought himself into play.

Ambitions from Wissler and Korte unclear

There would be options for a new beginning. But both from Bartsch’s and Mohamed Ali’s camps, it is said that they see no reason for a change. The electoral defeat would be unjustifiably blamed on top candidate Bartsch. In any case, the deeper problems of the left could not be solved with a change of personnel. There is already a majority for both in the parliamentary group, they have »counted«.

There is no evidence that Wissler and Korte are pushing them out of office. In their environment it is said that both are not particularly interested in taking over in this difficult situation, and they certainly do not want to start a new argument. Wissler assured in interviews that she felt that she was busy enough as party leader. Korte has so far been silent.

Does the attempted coup in the party executive fizzle out? After all, it is clear that the 63-year-old Bartsch will not run again as a top candidate in the next federal election in four years, solely for reasons of age. The change at the top of the parliamentary group could therefore only take place in one to two years. Perhaps the board will negotiate on Sunday for how long Mohamed Ali and Bartsch should be elected chairmen.

Another sensitive point The future foreign policy of the left is to be discussed at the special session. In the last parliamentary group, the responsible working group was dominated by the dogmatists around Wagenknecht, who, above all with their tolerance of autocrats, massively damaged the external image of the left and drove voters to the SPD and the Greens, as some see it. The Left had lost most of the votes to the SPD and the Greens in the Bundestag election.

Now almost all former foreign policy-makers are no longer in Parliament. Controversial MPs missed the move, as did pragmatists like Helin Evrin Sommer and Matthias Höhn. Gregor Gysi will now be increasingly used again for the most controversial political field among the left Alignment of the parliamentary group.

The hope of the left in the opposition to a traffic light coalition: That they will be the basin for disappointed SPD and Greens Become a voter. For days they have been tearing up the prospecting government’s exploratory paper on Twitter. Above all in social, health and climate policy, the left wants to score points – and thus work its way through content from the depths.

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