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LR24 ( AUGUSTO CIARDI ) – Expectation, apprehension, fear, superstition, hands in front of the eyes at every contrast of the game. The way in which the football fan watches the matches of the national teams is standardized. The fear of witnessing the injury of a player on your team is always around the corner. Roma fans are teachers of the subject. From Zaniolo advert Abraham, now the surprise factor is triggered when they return to Trigoria all safe and sound . Democracy of forfait, or more in Roman terms “ to whom it is up to ‘n se’ ngrugna ” . Injuries and worries in football at a thousand per hour spares no one.

Saturday is there Lazio-Inter , per the reunion of Inzaghi with his former team the South Americans are in the balance, the most specialty is in the balance of all, Lautaro Martinez . Because from the Americas, in the days of Christopher Columbus, we return a few hours after the games. From the lineup of the plane to the field, what was presaged for Juventus in Naples, a month ago, what Bianconeri and Roma will experience on their own skin on Sunday evening. Alex Sandro, Danilo, Bentancur, plus Cuadrado and McKennie , half team. More Rabiot positive at Covid (best wishes), more Dybala bruised and Morata out.

Rome responds with a thrill. Viña back arm in arm with Bentancur, map after the last break, just enough time to change and leave for Turin . But the coup de theater Abraham could not be missing, because in the hours before the return to Rome the city went crazy, between deceptive news and sighs of relief, we work in the hope of making it available on Sunday evening. If it were, not at its best. Then there is Milan , who has already lost Theo to Covid ( well wishes to him ), Maignan and taken Mirante (in this case best wishes to Milan), and Calabria, who follows Florenzi.

Serie A adjusts to the desperate and reasoned immobility of the membership. Since the time of Gigi Riva they beat their fists on the tables of the newsrooms to get some headlines on the front page, but nothing concrete is done to impose the reworking of delusional calendars. More and more games, less and less training. Why does no one raise their voice? Because basically having players in the national team increases the value of the card. Because basically being a player for the national team increases the negotiating power when it comes to the salary. Because if we wait for Fifa and Uefa to redeem themselves spontaneously, we have not understood anything.

Infantino’s latest madness ? Superbowl and Wimbledon are played every year, why shouldn’t the World Cup be held every two? “. Stuff from some distance regret Blatter . It does not deserve an answer, perhaps it deserves more pressing questions from national and international press organs that in front of the presidents of the federations give up the megaphone for the most senseless propaganda. Wenger , the optimizer of the ) Fifa , who speaks map a bureaucrat to whom you ask for explanations thinking you are suffering an injustice and he replies “ I don’t know what to tell you, things are map I said, adapt “, who advocates the two-year world championship and announces news on offside, without revealing them .

People’s football? No, from Fifa, from Uefa, to the limit football made to measure for Qatar and sponsors . In the name of money. With good time of those who at the beginning of the week dealt with San Marino-Andorra, zero to three, with the hosts who have conceded thirty-two goals in eight games making only one, and Andorra which has six points in the standings. Because he won a round trip with San Marino. Is football for everyone? No. He gives everyone crumbs. In power there is a bulimic oligarchy, which is destroying the toy.

In the field – @augustociardi

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