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Clashes no inexperienced pass, Lamorgese in the Chamber: “Risk of violence if Castellino were blocked”. Meloni: «He knew and allowed everything deliberately» | DietDF

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Clashes no inexperienced pass, Lamorgese in the Chamber: "Risk of violence if Castellino were blocked".  Meloni: «He knew and allowed everything deliberately» |  DietDF thumbnail

by Paolo Decrestina

Call and response to the Digicam. The minister speaks of the Roman leader of Fn: “There is the obvious risk of a violent reaction from his associates with the degeneration of public order.” The Fdi president attacks: «It takes us back to dark years. We are at the strategy of tension »

The clashes last Saturday in Rome animate the debate at the Digicam when it is Lamorgese who speaks. The question and answer between the owner of the Interior Ministry and Meloni , more than announced, is inevitable: the first emphasizes the choices aimed at protecting public order, the other accuses and speaks of clashes “deliberately allowed” by putting forward the hypothesis a real “ strategy of tension “.

The minister, awaiting the actual report for next Tuesday, during the quiz time at Montecitorio answers a question on management public order on the occasion of the demonstration on 9 October and on the dissolution of subversive associations. The Roman leader of Forza Nuova, Giuliano Castellino, according to Lamorgese stood out “for his decisive leadership especially in the intervention in piazza del Popolo when he expressed his desire to direct the procession to the headquarters of CGIL . The decision to proceed coercively against him was not considered viable by the heads of the security services, because in that context there is a clear risk of a violent reaction by his associates with degeneration of public order “. Giuliano Castellino is the recipient of daspo, special surveillance with the obligation to stay in the municipality of residence, restriction of mobility from 6.30 in the morning and prohibition of mobility from 21 onwards. “His conduct at the headquarters of the CGIL led to his arrest in flagrantee deferred and his position is being examined by the judiciary for very serious complaints against him.” And for Lamorgese, “in the past generation it has already been the subject of several reports for violations of the special surveillance regime”.

Meloni , however, is not and in the duplicate he clearly states that the minister’s words “ offend Parliament “. «We are not idiots, what happened on Saturday was deliberately allowed. It was calculated , and this takes us back to dark years. We are in the strategy of tension », the leader of Fdi attacks.

In his speech, Lamorgese also touches on the issue of the dissolution of Forza Nuova , a subject that “is to the attention of the government whose collegial action he can address “also on the snide of what” the judiciary “will decide and what will be” the indications of the Parliament “that will have to vote the motion presented by the Democratic Party. In any case, the dissolution of a political movement “is a subject of exceptional juridical and political importance and extremely complex and delicate”, the minister enacted.

Shortly before the quiz time, Meloni had already warmed the spirits, preparing the next question and answer in the classroom. “We continue to ask for the resignation of Minister Lamorgese for unsuspected times, he is an absolutely inadequate minister and we have seen him at 360 degrees, we have seen him on immigration, on raves and on street demonstrations, ”said Meloni on the occasion of the public meeting with the candidate for mayor of Rome Michetti. “I am worried about everything that happens between now and Sunday because it seems to me that the weather is very hot , I am worried about what will happen in the ports of Genoa and Trieste because demonstrations are announced, I now everything is worrying because we have a minister who is unable to guarantee a minimum of security. I’m also sorry for the people who legitimately want to demonstrate and find themselves united with the violent “, he closed.

The mayor of Florence arrives in defense of Minister Lamorgese Nardella : «We have reached the ridiculous not to say something disturbing. Basically we have witnessed a fascist assault, from a fascist squad, to the headquarters of the CGIL, and from the Brothers of Italy and the center-right what do they say? Which is Lamorgese’s fault. Indeed, it is suggested that this assault was favored by leaving these gentlemen free to attack the headquarters of the CGIL. Hands off from Lamorgese ».

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