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Bunker-museum and handbook dressed in Nazi uniforms in Recoaro Terme: Zaia forced to apologize after the controversy | DietDF

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Bunker-museum and handbook dressed in Nazi uniforms in Recoaro Terme: Zaia forced to apologize after the controversy |  DietDF thumbnail

Alla beautiful the governor Luca Zaia was forced to apologize for that improvised post appeared on his site Facebook . It concerned the opening in Recoaro Terme of a bunker which was occupied by the Nazi army during the period of the Republic of Salò . It is a kind of museum, which however becomes accessible to visitors with the presence of soldiers dressed in the German uniforms . Very realism, bordering on apology . On Zaia’s website appeared at any event of historical recovery , indeed with the invitation advert to visit it and with photos of Nazi soldiers.

The controversy has broken out. The Anpi of Veneto had expressed “bewilderment in reading the post published on the page of President Zaia relating to the opening of a museum space in one of the bunkers built by the Nazis at the Fonti di Recoaro Terme and that the guided tour is done by people in period uniforms of the Wehrmacht “. In fact, the entire thermal complex in the last year of the Second World War was the headquarters of Field Marshal Albert Kesselring , supreme commander of the German forces in Italy. “This choice comes precisely in coincidence with September 8th. There is nothing to complain if the redevelopment of the bunker was motivated by a purpose of deepening of the terrible war events that occurred in our region extended until the beautiful in April 1945. However, that the guided tour is made by people in Wehrmacht period uniforms leaves incredulous all those who, respecting history and our Constitution , condemn Nazism and Fascism and the Nazi occupation of Italy that has caused so many griefs to our country ” .

Since the controversy has not subsided, Zaia has found himself forced to march back . His press office has dumped the responsibilities on the provider that deals with that news. “All activities on social profiles concerning the promotion of the territory (tourism, festivals, fairs, markets , art, culture , prestigious locations , naturalistic areas, exhibitions, museums , etc., etc.) are carried out in absolute autonomy by a specific structure”. In this case “the opening of the museum of Recoaro generation was reported by the Terme di Recoaro Association to the competent Directorate of the Region which, in turn, had transmitted it to the structure that follows the social profiles “; And Zaia? “The president of the Region has no visibility nor – obviously – exercises and can exercise direct and constant control over these matters, but deals in first person only with the contents related to the administrative , political, health activities, even on the injurious of official press releases issued by the press office “. At least now it is known that the Facebook page of the Venetian governor is not managed directly by his workers , but contracted out.

Conclusion: “The Presidency apologizes, on behalf of the structure responsible , with all the parties that have heard somehow wounded by this post, whose intent is certainly not to offend sensitivities and memories. In order to avoid further inconvenience, orders were given to delete the post ”. Coincidentally, the date is 8 September, the day in which the struggle for liberation began in Italy. Incidentally, the thermal complex of Recoaro is regional property , even if in concession to the company Terme di Recoaro spa. In the statement that inspired the post on the Zaia website, it is written that “the redevelopment of the bunker allows the visitor to stop time for an innovative historical-cultural experience : the environments of the bunker are explored through multimedia viewers using virtual reality. The visit is by appointment and is accompanied by a handbook in vintage Wehrmacht uniform. There is also a evaluate point of German access “.

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