Best Exercise To Lose Weight And Boost Your Mood

Best Exercise To Lose Weight And Boost Your Mood
Best Exercise To Lose Weight And Boost Your Mood - Soure:

When anyone begins a weight loss journey, the first question that comes to mind is, “What is the best exercise to lose weight?” I myself just need to lose 10 pounds. I tried on and off with different exercises, yoga, swimming, walking, different diets.

It worked from time to time for the weight loss quest. I mostly fit my exercise time into the small windows of my erratic daily schedule. I stick with the exercise that I enjoy doing.

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Fitness experts always recommend the best exercise to assist you in losing weight is the one that you will actually do. For those that would like to take the fitness quest more seriously, you can start with some cardio, strength or circuit training.

For somebody who just has a small weight loss target, such as 10 pounds or just to maintain the current weight, cardio exercises are the best. This can include running, cycling, aerobics, swimming, dancing, etc. Losing weight is all about expending more calories than you consume. Exercise can be a chore if you don’t enjoy it. You can burn a large amount of calories by going to gym and running on the treadmill, but if you do not enjoy it, it’s painful.

When trying to determine which cardio exercise is the best fit for you, take a look at your favorite hobbies. If you enjoy photography, taking a hike on the scenic mountain trail is a great way to fit in a bit of exercise and grab a few great photos as well. If you enjoy playing golf, carry your clubs around the green instead of riding in a golf cart.

Walking or running with your dog or kids, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. I myself enjoy Zumba, the Latin American dance exercise is so fun and it does make you sweat. I bet you can find your best exercise to lose weight if you think creatively. Strength training (such as lifting weights) incinerates calories at much faster rate. It was previously thought that cardiovascular exercises burned more calories per minute then strength training exercises.

However, a recent study conducted by researchers at Arizona State University has shown that strength training actually burns double the amount of calories per minute than was previously thought. You might not be a fan of weight lifting, and would rather opt for something more gentle, such as the yoga for your weight loss. Many forms of yoga count as strength training because you are using your arms and legs in various positions to support your body weight in ways that would not normally happen.

This make your muscles work twice as hard to support your weight. Even though you may not be performing any actual movement, just holding certain yoga positions is enough to burn a sufficient amount of calories. Yoga is becoming so popular, more and more platforms are coming up in that space.

Circuit training is a great way to combine both cardio and strength training exercises to burn the maximum amount of calories possible. It involves performing a short burst of cardiovascular exercise alternated with a short burst of strength training exercises, using light to medium hand weights.

The classic 1982 Cooper Clinic study studied the effects of circuit training on a group of 77 individuals. These individuals were divided into 3 groups: one third did no exercises, one third performed only strength training exercises, and the last third circuit trained. The group who performed the circuit training exercises lost more weight and had a greater improvement in cardiovascular endurance than the other two groups. Circuit training might be your best exercise for weight loss if you can commit to it, think of getting all the muscle instead of the fat might motivate you.

Whether you want to lose 10 pounds, 20 or 50 pounds, you should find a workout routine that you truly enjoy to ensure that you will stay with it for the long term. Ideally, you should exercise 3 to 4 times per week for at least 30 to 60 minutes at a time in order to burn the maximum amount of calories possible. A happy workout will boost your mood and outlook. Go get it pal!

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