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A healthy and balanced diet at the best price is possible if you know how to organize yourself | DietDF

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A healthy and balanced diet at the best price is possible if you know how to organize yourself |  DietDF thumbnail

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Food is one of the key points when we talk about well-being, both physically and psychologically. Maintaining a balanced diet is a matter of important relevance that we have to carry out routinely, buying only those products that contribute to forging a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, the main supermarkets have specialized in the sale of foods known as “healty food” and constantly offer us offers with which to save large amounts of money on each purchase. A series of promotions that we can assess in advance thanks to the online brochures, knowing the discounts of each month.

Ahorramás shares its discounts on “healthy food”

The concept of “healthy food ” refers to all those foods that have the healthy label. By allocating them to the unsuitable of our daily diet, we maintain a balanced nutrition that directly affects the well-being of the organism . In this order of solutions, the Ahorramas offers are the most attractive, reaching out to us so that we are able to plan our purchases before leaving home and, as we take care of our own body, we also do it out of pocket.

Whereas in the past we had to collect brochures in supermarkets and study them at home, analyzing month after month which products were the right ones to save, today we find these same catalogs on the web. Recently, the Ahorramas supermarket has published the promotions that are already available in its native language and, as such, it is time to analyze them in order to equip our fridge with everything that we know will be enriching for health. A detailed study that we can carry out both from our mobile device and from the computer.

According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, health and nutrition are two sectors that belong to the same world. Therefore, putting aside manufactured products, such as snacks or soft drinks, to replace them with those that respond to adequate nutritional properties is most important. The Ahorramas offers are the perfect opportunity to advocate for this lifestyle and, if we focus on the most recent brochure, we find discounts on essential items such as fruits and vegetables, meat or milk . A long list of elements that, being part of our daily diet, revitalize the vital functions of the body as we lose weight.

best savings offers for this month

Since in the unsuitable of the food pyramid we find products such as bread or pasta, it is worth mentioning the discounts of this supermarket in said line of articles. In the first case, we find the loaf of bread with a price drop of 11%, costing only € 0.80 ; while, regarding pasta, the Garofalo brand -one of the highest quality- reduces the cost by 32% , giving packages of spaghetti or macaroni for € 1.

Continuing with the nutritional pyramid, recommended by health authorities to reduce obesity also among the little ones, we come to fruits and vegetables. This month’s Ahorramas offers show us that summer is here and we don’t have to pay more for that: watermelon drops by 20%, melon by 15% and nectarine 13% . The freshness of the fruit does not imply an exorbitant expense and, since we are talking about the second link in this dietary organization chart, nothing like going to this supermarket in order to save on the purchase of “healthy food ”.

Finally, leaving absolutely aside the top of the pyramid where the snacks appear, we have to do mention of meat offers: turkey and chicken are down 13% and 25% respectively . Along with meat consumption, the discounts on dairy products should be highlighted, located in the same position as meat: Activia yogurts fell by 25% and Kaiku coffees by a twenty-one%. Thus, maintaining a balanced diet is no longer synonymous with exorbitant spending; since Ahorramas gives us everything we need at the best price.

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