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4 things to know when changing the old climate to the new one DietDF

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4 things to know when changing the old climate to the new one  DietDF thumbnail
Source: Daikin

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Replace your TV with a better model or couch for a more stylish one The piece is no science, but replacing the old climate with a new one is already a bit of a science. How to handle dismantling or how to choose the type of climate with the most advantageous parameters

Save hours of busy searching for answers on the Internet. With the following tips, you will be able to “ Green Exchange “smoothly, quickly and professionally.

1. You have made the RIGHT decision

Changes – especially those that require some action from us – are mostly poisoning, but your decision to replace the obsolete air conditioner with a more modern one is definitely the right one. It is a device whose production has experienced tremendous technological progress in recent decades, and the current offer is incomparably more environmentally friendly compared to older product generations.

Not to mention that the refrigerant inside the air conditioner turns into a greenhouse gas when handled improperly, which means one thing in older devices: a significantly higher equivalent of carbon dioxide. In the event of an air leak, the unnecessary carbonization of the planet and the deepening of the – already critical – climate crisis is unnecessarily deepening.

2. Climate dismantling is not a do-it-yourself project

Coolant as already mentioned , belongs to the greenhouse gases and requires a sensitive approach as well as appropriate know-how. It is therefore appropriate that the removal of obsolete equipment be carried out by professionals who are familiar with the correct disassembly procedure.

Keep in mind that the old climate is not a waste like any other. Improper handling can damage the material, even health, which can be easily avoided by leaving the robot to a professional disassembly technician. They extract the refrigerant before physically dismantling the appliance. Extraction is carried out by a special device attain hermetically sealed containers, from which attain air pollutants do not escape and thus prevent unwanted refrigerant leakage.

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Source: Daikin

3. Knock out the people who will work for you

You do not have to control the detailed technical details of the disassembly process, to be able to assess the competence of the people to whom you entrust this work with confidence. Daikin, a Japanese educated on healthy air and a world leader in air conditioning manufacturing, is clearly a high choice. As an environmentally conscious company, it has made an internal commitment to become a carbon-neutral company at 2050, so nature conservation is not just an empty phrase.

One of Daikin’s initiatives to strengthen environmental principles is Green Exchange , a project implemented under under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic and in cooperation with the ENVIDOM association, which specializes in the ecological collection and recycling of electrical waste from refrigeration technology.

If you opt for the Green Exchange during dismantling, you can be sure that everything will take place at the highest technical level and also that your old climate will be adequately transported and processed into secondary raw materials after dismantling, which will enable its proper ecological recycling.

4. One exchange brings several benefits

The benefits of exchanging the old climate for a new one extend beyond the ecological sphere as well. attain that economic. Just as you decide to save your primary raw material resources, you also save your own money. The lower energy intensity of the new equipment, of course, brings with it an advantage in the form of long-term savings on monthly invoices.

And when it comes to cost-effectiveness, one more good news – as part of the Green Exchange, you get professional disassembly and extraction of refrigerant free of charge, plus a discount in the form of scrap metal for the purchase of equipment with energy class A +++, up to attain 1439 euros.

Give green comfort that does not come at the expense of nature

Detailed information on the Green Exchange can be found at . If you are interested in professional and ecological disassembly, just fill out a short form directly on the website and Daikin’s trained staff will contact you with answers to everything you are interested in on this topic.

Scrap fees apply to Ururu Sarara, Stylish, Emura, Perfera and Comfora units, and exclusively to Dwelling Comfort Expert partners.

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