11-year-old monster: She killed a 4-year-old boy, cut the initials of his enact belly and begged if he could see his body in the chest | DietDF

11-year-old monster: She killed a 4-year-old boy, cut the initials of his enact belly and begged if he could see his body in the chest |  DietDF thumbnail

The story of little Mary shows how much careless upbringing can influence a child’s development and psyche and shape him or her. Nicknamed the eleven-year-old monster, and what led to it, chills. Mary has enumerated history as one of the most brutal assassins. By the time she got to her actions, she was going through hell on her own. Mary Flora Bell was born on 26 May 1957 in the Scotswood area of ​​the North East of England. She was unhappy that she was born to a mother who had no interest in her at all. Betty Bell worked as a prostitute and was only 16 or 17 years old at the time of Mary’s birth – this information varies from source to source. From the first minutes she was born, she felt what it was like to be thrown away by the person closest to her.

“Put that thing away” There is talk of an incident that happened right after Mary was born, when the doctors wanted to give her the mother’s arms. She literally told them to “give the thing away” and was not interested in seeing her daughter. It was similar with the care of Mary, whom Betty neglected and preferred to do. As for the identification of the real father of the girl, it is not exactly known. She got her last name from her new husband Betty, a man named Billy Bell . His reputation was no better, he was a convicted convict and alcoholic.

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Daughter wanted sell, kill, offer her sex services for money

As for Mary’s growing up, she spent a lot of time without her mother from an early age, but it was worse for her when her mother was with her. Betty was trying to sell her illegally for adoption to a foreign woman, and strange things were happening outside their house. Mary fell out the window or ate too many sleeping pills. Of course, it can happen to a small child by chance, but in this case we can suspect Betty, who did not love her daughter, and if she lost her life by such a “mistake”, it would probably only suit her. To make matters worse, Mary was only four years old when she became sexually abused for money. She confirmed it in her own words, but her surroundings said nothing about it. We probably won’t know if that was really the case. However, the truth remains that all these inconveniences, with which she came into contact, have been extremely affected, and experts agree that they have resulted in the eleven brutal acts that Mary was behind.

She wanted to kill her classmates, the children at school were afraid of her

When the school arrived, she showed signs of strange behavior and her classmates feared it. She was able to sit in one place for a long time and stare or start a battle with the boys without distinction. There was also harder violence and she tried several times to strangle her classmates. We add that she was less than ten years old at the time. She even stuffed one girl with sand in her throat and wanted to suffocate him like that But that was far from the most brutal thing Mary had done. Gradually, the number of accidents around her began to increase. On May 11, 1968, she played with only a three-year-old boy who, after spending time together, remained wandering wounded and bleeding. It was considered an accident, but after the upcoming events it did not look so clear. Other allegations against Mary began to emerge, alleging that she had tried to suffocate various children.

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The first murder

Just the day before her 11th birthday, she committed the first of her most brutal crimes, where she actually only completed what she had started several times before, but without success. Her victim was a 4-year-old boy Martin Brown . She strangled him in a local abandoned house and disappeared after the incident. The dead boy was accidentally found by children from the neighborhood and rescuers came to the scene. However, they could no longer help the boy Mary made a mistake and at that time eleven returned home with her friend Norma, who was involved in many acts at Mary’s. They were sent out of the house, and since an empty pill box was found next to the boy, they were identified as the cause of death. However, Mary was far from finished and decided to visit her dead boy’s mother together with Norma.

She wanted to see the dead boy in the chest

She knocked on the door, and when the grieving mother opened her little son after death, Mary asked if she could know Martin. Mom replied with the tragic event that happened to him. However, Mary brazenly replied that she knew about it, but that she wanted to see him lying in the chest. The destroyed mother did not tolerate such behavior and sent the girls away. The next day, Mary celebrated her birthday and decided to spend the day on her own. He and his girlfriend broke up in eleven local kindergartens, which they demolished. It was not the first time that a nursery had become the site of such an attack. The girls left a total of four messages in the form of inscriptions, in which they confessed that they were behind Martin’s death and that they would continue to kill. And it didn’t take long for that to happen.

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She maimed him and killed him

Two months after these incidents, there was another murder of only a 3-year-old boy named Brian Howe . When his body was found, it was severely disfigured. The initials Mary were carved on his stomach, and he had scissor wounds on his legs and genitals. He died of suffocation A major investigation has begun. In a short time, two little boys from the neighborhood lost their lives, and in this case, there was talk that a murderer could be a child. Mary and Norma were therefore questioned. While Norma was nervous about the police’s presence and questions, Mary was more confident and calmer. Nevertheless, she became entangled in her answers and finally said something that betrayed her. She knew the details of the broken scissors that had injured Brian’s body. No one but the investigators and the perpetrator knew about them. Therefore, there was no doubt that she was behind the deed. Both girls finally appeared in court. Mary – as the main perpetrator and Norma as the accomplice. Even in this case, Mary’s character did not deny herself and tried to throw everything at her friend. Unsuccessful

She was extremely dangerous for her surroundings

As the case caused a stir, Mary received the hands of forensic psychiatrists examining her psyche. According to the results, she was supposed to have classic manifestations of psychopathy and was marked as dangerous for her surroundings. However, this cruel story was far from over. In order to make the most of this situation, Mary Betty’s mother decided to sell fictional stories about her best daughter to the media for money. Finally, the court sentenced Mary to 12 years in prison, taking into account her age and psychological diagnosis or the environment from which she came. She was only 23 years old at the time. She was given a new identity and was able to start living in complete anonymity again. Norma was acquitted in court. The British Guardian reported in 1998 that the media had succeeded in finding Mary and that she had to change her mind. Four years after her release, she married and started a family. At the time of her unveiling, she was living with her husband and 14-year-old daughter. He is currently 64 years old, but it is not clear where he is.

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